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 This Page is for the Webmasters of Troop 337.    
Hello World! Web Masters: Keep this website UP-TO-DATE!
  • Go to the website
  • If you are already signed in, be sure you are signed in as
  • If you are not signed in, look for the back sign-in at the very bottom of the web page.  Use it to sign into
  • To edit, click on the Edit Button (pencil)

  • Go to
  • Sign in as
  • Add events, selecting one of the following calendars:
    • Scouts - For all of the Troop
    • PLC - For Scout Leaders
    • Leaders - For Adult Leaders
  • NOTE:  Be sure to NOT save the calendar under the webmaster calendar, or it will not show on the website.
  • Add reminders, they will automatically go out to the right group.
SIGN UP SHEETS (for Popcorn of Food Sign Up for instanace)
  1. Sign in to google account.
  2. Go to
  3. Click on CREATE and select SPREADSHEET
  4. Name the Spreadsheet by clicking on "Untitled" in the upper left and filling it in.  Use a very descriptive name that is unique for this event.
  5. Create the Spreadsheet.  Note, make it look nice by using:
    • Bold Titles on Rows and Columns (B icon)
    • Shade Cells  (paint bucket icon)
    • Put Borders on your Cells (window pane icon)
  6. Share the Spreadsheet
    • Click on SHARE on the upper right.
    • Under "Who Has Access", find "Private - Only People Below Have Access".   Click on CHANGE to the right of that.
    • In the pop-up select "Anyone with a Link"
    • Change "Can View" to "Can Edit".
    • Click on "Save"
    • Now, up at the top, there is a "Link to Share".   If COPY this link, and PASTE it into an email (or preferably make a hyperlink to it), anyone who clicks on it can both view edit the spreadsheet.

  • Upload to Picasa
  • Put On Website
    • Go to the Photos Page
    • Insert a Picasa Web Slideshow at the bottom
    • Insert a LARGE Picasa Web Slideshow to replace the one at the top