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PLC notes 9-9-12

Attendance: Naeem, Xavier, Trey, Matthew W, Jason, Sean, Robby

Court of Honor:
        Sept 17th @ 6-8
        Theme_ Italian
        Games- Bocce Ball, Trivia (SEAN), Mario cart(MR. WALTON)
        FOOD: (SEAN) post online sign up and send out email.
        Supplies- troop will check at tomorrows meeting

Oklawaha Campout:
        Sept 28-30
        Band kids could come second day.
        No canoe merit badge, just fishing.
        Rank advancements for younger scouts.
        Leders check Orienteering MB
        Don't need to pack light
        QM's and PL's Check patrol boxes.

Webeloes Warriors:
        Sept 15
        Shift sign up sheet online(SEAN)
        (NAEEM) send email

Conflicting Mondays:
        Sept 24 At Wickham Park(SEAN)
        Oct 15
        Nov 12
        April 15

Next PLC meeting:
        Jason's house
        Oct 7th 1:30
        Mr. Walton check

***(___) means ACTION ITEM