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posted Jan 11, 2014, 5:25 AM by Web Master

Attendance: Zach Barhold, Mark Nifakos, Cory, Naeem, Jason, Robbie, Christian, Matthew Walton, Tim, and Xavier.


Dates (these are the requests we made to the committee):


August: Airsoft day,


September: Fort Clinch,


October: Alexander Springs,


November: Peace River,


December: Beach/Shark campout,


January: Silver River,


February: Survivor campout,


March: Keys Trip or Oklawaha,


April: Fox Lake or Swanee River.


(I believe that's as far as we got at the meeting)




Action Items: Patrol leaders be prepared for each meeting and see what the agenda has your patrol to do. Also: Robbie (as webmaster) please post the dates on the troop website.