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posted Sep 18, 2016, 7:17 PM by Web Master
Side notes:
-Elections will be held the 10th of October
-Super Saturday will be led by troop guide, Sean Cherry, who will appoint instructors to help (anyone bellow star rank). 
-Future service hours can be obtained by attending and helping at the annual light feast at Wickham park.
-Christmas party is being planned for December 2nd. More info TBA.
-Future Home economics meeting being planned. More info TBH.

-Will be a BBQ western theme more info TBA

Action items:
-Connor McMillian: Set up patrol pages and send out sign up sheet for moms willing to run home economics.
-Patrol leaders: plan patrol events.
-SPL: Fallow up with absent people that didn't attend tonight's meeting.
-Jacob Mccreary : Pre-plan future scouts own.
-Tomas Eastwood : Look into buying a red cheaker table sheet.
-Jerry Waelti: Plan future games for meetings
-Sean Cherry: Plan on what requirements your assigned instructors will be teaching.

Also Mathew here are the list of absent people:

Justin Higbie
Zack Barhold
Maddox Jurgensen
Sean Cherry