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PLC Notes- 8-10-12

Attendance- Jason       Daniel  Caleb   Robbie  Mark    Xavier  Sean    Matthew         Trey    Zach    Naeem   Matt            Tim

PLC Lock In Reflection- Plc voted NOT to have morning meeting again.

PL- Plan more meetings, once per month or every other month.
QM- Contact Mr. Hymel for patrol box plans.
Scribe- Update AI list on website.
Librarian- Print out all PLC notes and work with WM on an online book checkout list.
Hist,-Talk to Mr. McMillan and Update photo page descriptions.
WM- Update Website.
CA- Prepare teachings for next CA.
Instructor- Compose survival campout packing list.
OA Rep- Get back into the OA
Guide- Find something to do.

Aug 13th Mtg- Meet under Blue Pavilion at FFC, Unless otherwise stated.
        Game- Dodgeball/Panther         Eagles/Flag             Falcon/Cleanup

Aug 20th Mtg CANCELLED

Aug 18th-19th Survival Campout.
        Robbie- Check Rice Supply
        Everybody Print out info sheet.
        Rules on info sheet.
        Leaders- Hide no Potatoes, More Pineapple, Kiwi, and Coconut./ Pick Secret food and reward food.
        Leaders get backup protein bars.
        Scribe- Present info sheet at meeting.

Daniel Eagle Project Work Days TBD

September 3rd Mtg CANCELLED

September 10th Mtg- ELECTIONS

September 17th Mtg- COH theme TBD


Chosen Campouts:        Alligator Stilts                Grave+ Forever FL               Rainbow/Cook/Family       Caleb's Place         Bike/Cabin
        Boot Camp               Survivor                Surf Fishing            OUT OF STATE: Thunder Mtn.

Alternates:             Alexander               St. Sebastian           Fantasy of Flight               Mosquito                Everglades              Peace River
        Keys    Silver Springs          Camp Shans

Activities: Troop Shoot Water sports MB         Surf Fishing             Volleyball

Projects: Patrol Box            Welding Trailer         Canoe Repair

Fundraisers: Spaghetti Dinner           Lowe's Burgers          Jazz band dinner                Rummage sale 1 year from now

This Concludes the Year Planning PLC meeting. Scrib Out!