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posted Jan 11, 2014, 5:24 AM by Web Master

Attendance: Nick Mcreary, Jacob Mcreary, Corey Hymel, Zach Zaroogian, Peter Gattle, Matthew Walton, Mark Nifakos, Tim Elliot, and Naeem Motlagh. 



  • This Thursday: The pre-campout QM and grubmaster meet at 6:30
  • The Airsoft War: overnight from the 24th of May (4 pm) to the 25th (9 am) 
  •  The Airsoft Finish Build Day: 2 Sunday prior to the war


Action Items (mainly to PL's):


  • Remember the PLC webpage is on the troop website under the specific page. 
  • Finish electing Patrol positions (Quarter Masters, Chief Cook, APL {more in booklet})
  • Tell Patrol about the Quartermaster and Grubmaster meet on Thurs.
  • Patrol leaders see Cory for equipment checklist and fill it out according to food.
  • PL's make sure Saturday's breakfast is very simple for the campout
  • Think about how many water coolers your Patrol needs
  • PL's: Ask the Patrol for requirements they need (except New Patrol pretty much needs everything)

  • PL's: Make Patrol Meetings!!!!