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posted May 1, 2012, 5:48 PM by Old Webmaster   [ updated May 1, 2012, 5:48 PM by Dan Walton ]
PLC NOTES- 4-24-12

Attendance: Trey                Mark    Sean    Matt            Matthew         Naeem       Xaiver              Tim             Robbie          Zach

Next PLC meeting will be about a month from now, on an undisclosed Friday, at Jason's house for AIRSOFT.
       Mr Walton- Check calendar for meeting date
       Jason- Choose dates for next 2 PLC meetings.

The future Boot Camp Campout has been postponed. The next date for it is TBA. Replacement campouts could be Graveyard Hiking (Tim Elliot + Dad for info) or possibly a cooking one (Naeem)

The troop may be getting a rife instructor and maybe even an opportunity to to a gun range campout! Thank you Mr. Stephens! He may be able to get access to a gun range in Palm Bay.

Matt- Tell your dad to collect info for the service project for the elderly lady.

Got an idea for a troop logo for the trailer? Send it to Mr. Rodgers! (No nonsense such as unicorns, this is Boy Scouts)

New position elections will be held in august
       Mr. Walton- Get more quartermaster patches
       Jason- Announce new role/position changes at next troop meeting
       Matthew W- Ask evan about being an Assistant Webmaster

Jason- Get date for the proposed aluminum can drop site build.
       Matt- Ask your mom if she wants the cans crushed.


1- Game: dodgeball
matt- get more BLUE PAINTERS TAPE for nine square
Xaiver- Bring camera to take pics for site.
Jason- Send e-mail to bring all dodge balls.

       SETUP: Falcon
       FLAG: Panther
       CLEANUP: New

       SETUP: New
       FLAG: Falcon
       CLEANUP: Panher

       SETUP: Panther
       FLAG: New
       CLEANUP: Falcon

Court Of Honor Date/Theme- May 7th/ Moe's Mexican Monday
Mr. Walton- Check date and if we can get Moe's

Naeem_ Announce Caleb's COH

Patrol Leaders- Plan More Meetings

Fun Fact- If the Next PLC meting is in EXACTLY 3 weeks from when these notes were sent, up t the SECOND, then we will meet in 1,814,400 seconds. See you then!