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posted Dec 14, 2011, 2:04 PM by CFCDan CFCWalton   [ updated Dec 14, 2011, 2:04 PM by Dan Walton ]


Trey Robby Mark Xavier Jason Matthew Niem Caleb Sean *sorry if I misspelled any names.

Reflections from survival campout:

The troop liked open schedules better than troop schedules; this can be installed in future campouts.

Next survival campout should have no food since some people were being lazy and not going out to gather their own. AAlso a big bonfire gathering would be held at next campout.

It was voted to hide more coconuts so that you have to work to get them.

Troop meeting 12-5-11

We will not be emptying soda cans at a meeting again anytime soon, because it is not everyday that EG hight school has a few hundred expired sodas.

Advancement ceremonies will be held about once a month.

We will be making cookies for fire dept. Mrs. Walton will bring cookies and Matthew will bring toppings such as sprinkles, frosting, ect.

The following week, sunday the 11th we will be bringing cookies to the firefighters; meet at FF  at 2. it lasts until 3.


Prior to this, Xavier will check at fire departments to see if it is okay. Your deadline is Friday.


At the meeting, the shark fishing campout will be discussed, and so will the court of honor.

Sean will post a sign up sheet online and do a survey at the meeting. He will also post a hyperlink to the university of scouts website because that is coming in january. Lastly, he is doing the zoom in/out game at the COH.

Falcon patrol will do game setup, and Panther patrol will do flag ceremony.

Court of Honor:

Will be held during normal meeting tim on dec. 12 and food will be finger foods, cake, and soda divided up like this: 6 families will bring in 20 wings apiece- 2 families to each flavor- mild, medium, and hot. 6 families will bring in other finger foods. Mr walton will bring soda. The Cherries will bring cake, and the church will cover utensils and other supplies. During dinner, Xavier will do a troop powerpoint, and sean will do the zoom in/out game after diner while a team sets up a bonfire outside. the everyone goes to the fire pit for the Awards and after, Mr. Gattle will lead us in songs.

Other stuff

Naim and Robby will put together a list of advancements for anyone below 1st class

Trey will count shirts at meeting and send out an email to everyone about extras

Caleb will learn about shark fishing and teach everyone else at an undisclosed time.

Sean, is there a way you could get these posted on the troop website?