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posted Dec 14, 2011, 2:02 PM by CFCDan CFCWalton   [ updated Dec 14, 2011, 2:03 PM by Dan Walton ]

Court of honor ideas: Be service hours, court of honor, and bake cookies for cops?

Next meeting- 11-7-11: Caleb will teach survival stuff and patrols will make flags.
Osprey patrol- flag and cleanup
Panther patrol- Volleyball
Next meeting 11-14-11: making of rafts


Island: very big with 2 beaches and enough room to have patrols on either side. There is glass and spiders on island. Fire is allowed.


Cant bring own food.

No lighters or matches, flint and steel is allowed along with steel wool and batteries

Each patrol gets 3 tools like fishing rods if they have made a patrol flag by the time of campout. tools will be separate from 1 gallon containers.

If you want to bring a tool, and it is in your 1 gallon container, it doesn't count for your patrols 3.

Each camper will bring a 1 gallon container for themselves, which can be filled with survival stuff. NO FOOD

Each camper will get one change of clothes and a bed sheet, which will be separate from the container.

You must have shoes on at campsite and in water at all times- there is glass and oysters. (water shoes are recommended.)

You have to catch your own food, but if you catch fish, but you wont eat it, scoutmasters will give you bread or rice equal to what you catch.

EVERYONE MUST HAVE A WHISTLE IN CASE THEY GET LOST! it is a densely wooded island.

Some food may be hid on island by leaders

**some people are suggesting fishnet hammocks, and are not on, but are on for 18 $ apiece. Other models go for various prices on the web.**