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posted Jan 11, 2014, 5:30 AM by Web Master

Attendance: Trey, Sean,  Evan, Matthew, Zach, Zach,Cory, Tim, Naeem, Robbie



Lightest went well. We made money, and we had fun. Lack of a system for shift. Seemed chaotic, needed better signs. Better planned traffic direction. Long time   for boys to be in one shift. Next time plan earlier

Silver river :to avoid scheduling issue, forms due 20th.

Jousting event 26th and 25th. Concessions and more for fundraising for Dragon Point.

Lock in is the 7th February

Feb 10: C.O.H.
Feb 21.23rd: Fox-lake

During quartermaster meeting clean patrol meetings.

Cullen does game for C O H.

Action Items:_____________________________________________________________________

Eagles:games, Hawks: flags, Falcon: setup, Panthers: cleanup.

Plc lock in date is February 7th, Friday, and do leadership training, and airsoft. 5:30  to 9 next day.

Evan needs to tell Sean what the game is

Tim: O.A. events need to go on the calendar.


Scribe needs to talk about cans in meetings. 
(Sean puts this on the agenda)

Patrol quartermasters organize with Michael about meeting.


  Game could be competitive scout skills or nightcrawler.


Sean: Send the agenda from picnic.


Scoutmaster: makes sure forms are out by Monday.


ZZ: assign people to get pizza ingredients for lock in.


Webster work on what exact time events are.


Scoutmaster: update calendar with Jacob. Talk to Peter and Sean about who the patrol quartermaster is.

Sean set PLC calendar with troop one, write agenda by Thursday.

Corey and Zach plan C O H


Scoutmaster: Check out the 18th for airsoft


SPL: write action items in PLC agenda


Trey, Harem (Naeem :P) and Jason will work out the airsoft


Tim needs to get O.A. email list


Instructor: Clifford needs fireman chip and totin' chit.