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PLC Meeting Notes

2018/12/03 - Agenda - Minutes
2018/10/29 - Agenda - Minutes

July 9, 2018 PLC Meeting

posted Jul 10, 2018, 8:02 PM by Web Master

Troop Meetings:
  • Downtime during meetings
  • Discipline
    • Warning
    • Ticket System
    • Ask to repeat what was said
  • Campouts
    • Boys should make agenda
    • Do different activities than before
  • Quartermaster
    • Trailer Workday
  • Chain of Command (Senior Patrol Leader -> Patrol Leader -> Scout)
    • Better lists of position duties
    • Chain of Command should pass instructions down
  • Guy from West Marine: Run Food Stand
  • Moe's Fundraising Night
  • POWMIA Ceremony
Activity Ideas:
  • Meetings
    • Home Economics
    • Try diving with Mr. Spears
    • Try welding (Mr. Nisi)
  • Wickham Park
    • Biking
    • Frisbee Golf
  • Wednesday Fun Night
    • Drinks, Movies, Table Tennis, Foosball
  • Troop Lock-In
  • Rock Springs Campout


posted Jan 10, 2017, 7:41 PM by Web Master

Camp out notes:

-Alexander springs should be a seasonal camp out

-Little big econ may be a independant meal

-Mosquito lagoon should be seasonal

Troop notes:

-3 back-to-back meetings

-Sean Cherry’s COH

-Super Saturday for below star rank

-MLK meeting

Action items:

-Sean Altenburg get with Tim about Super Saturday

-Patrol leaders email patrol about requirements for super Saturday and make patrol events

-Quarter masters get with Mr. baer

-Troop guide and instructor, prepare for new patrol

-Chapalain, prepare for camp out

-Librarian, organize inventory

-Mr. Walton reserve Daniel Boone

-PLC, Think about fun events Paintball?

-Home economics course?


posted Sep 18, 2016, 7:17 PM by Web Master

Side notes:
-Elections will be held the 10th of October
-Super Saturday will be led by troop guide, Sean Cherry, who will appoint instructors to help (anyone bellow star rank). 
-Future service hours can be obtained by attending and helping at the annual light feast at Wickham park.
-Christmas party is being planned for December 2nd. More info TBA.
-Future Home economics meeting being planned. More info TBH.

-Will be a BBQ western theme more info TBA

Action items:
-Connor McMillian: Set up patrol pages and send out sign up sheet for moms willing to run home economics.
-Patrol leaders: plan patrol events.
-SPL: Fallow up with absent people that didn't attend tonight's meeting.
-Jacob Mccreary : Pre-plan future scouts own.
-Tomas Eastwood : Look into buying a red cheaker table sheet.
-Jerry Waelti: Plan future games for meetings
-Sean Cherry: Plan on what requirements your assigned instructors will be teaching.

Also Mathew here are the list of absent people:

Justin Higbie
Zack Barhold
Maddox Jurgensen
Sean Cherry


posted Sep 3, 2014, 5:20 PM by Web Master   [ updated Sep 3, 2014, 5:22 PM ]

Zach B.- Swimming Requirement - (Rescue)
Tim- Check if the camp site is shaded.
Robbie- Look at the Trail Maps, email Mr. Walton about breakfast, Print and make campout agenda
Mr. Walton- Add Rylan to the email list
Rylan- Figure out Patrol Positions
Zach Z- Email MIA Patrol Leaders explain what happened at the PLC

Make sure you guys do your action items!


posted Jan 11, 2014, 5:30 AM by Web Master

Attendance: Trey, Sean,  Evan, Matthew, Zach, Zach,Cory, Tim, Naeem, Robbie



Lightest went well. We made money, and we had fun. Lack of a system for shift. Seemed chaotic, needed better signs. Better planned traffic direction. Long time   for boys to be in one shift. Next time plan earlier

Silver river :to avoid scheduling issue, forms due 20th.

Jousting event 26th and 25th. Concessions and more for fundraising for Dragon Point.

Lock in is the 7th February

Feb 10: C.O.H.
Feb 21.23rd: Fox-lake

During quartermaster meeting clean patrol meetings.

Cullen does game for C O H.

Action Items:_____________________________________________________________________

Eagles:games, Hawks: flags, Falcon: setup, Panthers: cleanup.

Plc lock in date is February 7th, Friday, and do leadership training, and airsoft. 5:30  to 9 next day.

Evan needs to tell Sean what the game is

Tim: O.A. events need to go on the calendar.


Scribe needs to talk about cans in meetings. 
(Sean puts this on the agenda)

Patrol quartermasters organize with Michael about meeting.


  Game could be competitive scout skills or nightcrawler.


Sean: Send the agenda from picnic.


Scoutmaster: makes sure forms are out by Monday.


ZZ: assign people to get pizza ingredients for lock in.


Webster work on what exact time events are.


Scoutmaster: update calendar with Jacob. Talk to Peter and Sean about who the patrol quartermaster is.

Sean set PLC calendar with troop one, write agenda by Thursday.

Corey and Zach plan C O H


Scoutmaster: Check out the 18th for airsoft


SPL: write action items in PLC agenda


Trey, Harem (Naeem :P) and Jason will work out the airsoft


Tim needs to get O.A. email list


Instructor: Clifford needs fireman chip and totin' chit.


posted Jan 11, 2014, 5:28 AM by Web Master

Attendance: Matthew Walton, Peter Gattle, Sean Cherry, Trey Murray, Robbie Baer, Corey Hymel, Austin Carrezales, Tim Elliot, Nick McCreary, and Jacob McCreary (Adults- Mr. Walton , Mr. Elliot, Mr. Rogers was on the phone with us for a minute, and Mr. Baer)

What we discussed:

Mr. Walton discussed how to do a PLC meeting and what to talk about. Looked at the troop meetings and what we will do during them. We discussed issues that occurred during the past troop meetings. We found that we need to prepare faster. Also we thought that during the requirements part, First-Class people should have something to do. All of the campouts went fine, except we need to go faster to get everything ready for the trailer to head out. We talked to Mr. Rogers on the phone about the grilling space on Pelican Park.

Events discussed:

·         Pack Christmas Party: December 6th (they will show up 6:00 sharp)

·         Troop Picnic: December 7th - Pelican Park. We can have burgers and dogs and a potluck of sides and drinks. We can build a fire. Also we can have games like volleyball or ultimate Frisbee. People need to bring chairs, and skewers with food to roast over the fire. People can fish.

·         Popcorn Show‘n’Sell (Mandatory unless you have a commitment): December 14th

·         Troop Christmas Party: Chinese gift exchange. Hot Cacao and big marshmallows. COOKIES.28 to 30 people.


Patrol leaders need to do their personal stuff later so they can help their patrol (on campouts). Remind Patrol about Christmas Party.

Michael needs to distribute supplies so that no one is left without something (example: Panthers were short a propane tank). He also needs to buy more propane tanks for us.

Everyone needs to help with stopping inappropriate language flying around.

Patrol Leaders need to send troop meeting agendas to Sean so that we know what to do during the Patrol Meetings.

Everyone in a Patrol that is on the setup and cleanup on the agenda need to stay and do their share. This way we can distribute the load of setup and cleanup.

Scribe needs to ask who brought cans during troop meetings.

Mr. Walton: Make Webmaster Email go to Jacob. Jacob needs patrol names, positions, and phone numbers. Also needs to give patrol page permissions. Move Mrs. Megan’s name from the Hawk Email list.

Webmaster needs to put OA events on the troop calendar.

Sean needs to get burgers and hot dogs for picnic. Sean also needs to make a signup sheet for Pelican Park Picnic: 3 columns. Sean needs to send an email that says that people need to bring chairs, and skewers with food to roast over the fire. People can fish if they need.

Tim brings a shovel and ball for Picnic.

Corey: Make Patrol buy Hot Cacao and Marshmallows.

Eagles get snacks, and COOKIES.

Cullen needs to put together a slide show for our Christmas party. Also he should make a Christmas Carol Guessing Game.



Falcon PL: Trying to get a Patrol Meeting

Panther PL: Patrol Meeting at Dunkin’ Donuts was SLOW, and disappointing. Panthers also challenged Falcons on an airsoft war.

Eagle PL (replacement {Peter :P }): People need to rank up.

Hawk PL: Patrol needs to finish Patrol Yell.


Chaplain’s Aide: ...

Librarian: Needs supplies for his collection.

Webmaster: Email Jacob if there is something that needs to go on the website.

OA Rep: Making an election happen during next meeting. Told us what the Callout and the Ordeal is. 


posted Jan 11, 2014, 5:27 AM by Web Master

Attendance: Matthew Walton, Jason, Naeem, Sean Cherry, Mark Cherry, Robbie, Cory, Tim, Mark Nifakos, Zach Barhold, Zach Zaroogian



Alexander Springs (includes canoeing)



Court of Honor: Asian-themed (Action Item: Mark Cherry and Jason run setup):


> Paper lanterns


> Dragon costume (if we can find one)


> Chopsticks


> Google Docs Spreadsheet for Asian food (Action item for Webmaster)


> Smoke machine (if possible for: "ambiance")


> Red Banners



 >September 2nd: No meeting


 >September 9th: Dues due


 >September 30th: Election



 Action Item: send out troop checklist to PLC.


posted Jan 11, 2014, 5:25 AM by Web Master

Attendance: Zach Barhold, Mark Nifakos, Cory, Naeem, Jason, Robbie, Christian, Matthew Walton, Tim, and Xavier.


Dates (these are the requests we made to the committee):


August: Airsoft day,


September: Fort Clinch,


October: Alexander Springs,


November: Peace River,


December: Beach/Shark campout,


January: Silver River,


February: Survivor campout,


March: Keys Trip or Oklawaha,


April: Fox Lake or Swanee River.


(I believe that's as far as we got at the meeting)




Action Items: Patrol leaders be prepared for each meeting and see what the agenda has your patrol to do. Also: Robbie (as webmaster) please post the dates on the troop website.


posted Jan 11, 2014, 5:24 AM by Web Master

Attendance: Nick Mcreary, Jacob Mcreary, Corey Hymel, Zach Zaroogian, Peter Gattle, Matthew Walton, Mark Nifakos, Tim Elliot, and Naeem Motlagh. 



  • This Thursday: The pre-campout QM and grubmaster meet at 6:30
  • The Airsoft War: overnight from the 24th of May (4 pm) to the 25th (9 am) 
  •  The Airsoft Finish Build Day: 2 Sunday prior to the war


Action Items (mainly to PL's):


  • Remember the PLC webpage is on the troop website under the specific page. 
  • Finish electing Patrol positions (Quarter Masters, Chief Cook, APL {more in booklet})
  • Tell Patrol about the Quartermaster and Grubmaster meet on Thurs.
  • Patrol leaders see Cory for equipment checklist and fill it out according to food.
  • PL's make sure Saturday's breakfast is very simple for the campout
  • Think about how many water coolers your Patrol needs
  • PL's: Ask the Patrol for requirements they need (except New Patrol pretty much needs everything)

  • PL's: Make Patrol Meetings!!!!

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