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Camp Rainey Mountain - Day 7 Report

Hello CRM Families,

Today was the Troops last day at Camp Rainey Mountain, and it was a good one!   Everyone was very upbeat, probably because of the good weather, finishing up classes, the cool-ish air, and the prospect of heading home.  

From the moment they got up, to the moment they went down, it was goofing around with each other all of the time.  Once again, at breakfast, we were one only two Troops in the entire camp who came to morning flag raising in full Class-A Uniforms.   This was not a directive or request from the Adult Leaders, rather your boys decided it was respectable to do it, and made the decision to wear the uniform at flag regardless of what the rest of the camp did. They impressed us all week with this.

After breakfast, the boys headed out to their Merit Badge classes.   Many of them were quite busy due to the fact that they had missed Thursday with the rafting.   Before lunch, the Troop gathered at the Trading post, got some really healthy snacks before lunch, and spent a bunch of money on stuff for home.

At lunch, some of the younger boys got salad dressing from what is normally an adult-only area (but the sign was taken down).   I got one of the kitchen workers in his kitchen working outfit to come out and confront the boys.  At one point he told them he would have to confiscate their meals.  I got them good, you should have seen their faces.  Now I wait for the revenge :)

There was a lot of planning regarding the trip back home.   Lots of planning for packing at night, getting Saturday Breakfast from the Kitchen the night before.   Planning for  Subway lunch on the road (their idea to order ahead over the phone on the way).   The was to pack everything possible the night before (which they did), and then to get up at 5:30am (if showering in the AM), or 6am, picking up the rest, packing, eating, and having the trailer taken down, getting inspected, and leaving by 8am.  Then, they decided to go to Stone Mountain (2 hour drive), hike the mountain up and down, order that Subway, eat it real quick at the Subway, and get right to Robins, do simulators, eat dinner, Bowl, shower, setup camp, make popcorn, play football, and go to bed.    We tried to explain to them how rushed this was, but it's what they decided, so... here we go!

Jason and Mark nearly won the camp-wide small boat race.   The winner was behind, until they inadvertently cut the coarse shorter.   Although they were cheated Mark and Jason handled it very well :)

In the evening they had a round-up and reflected on the Camp and on the Troop.   It was amazing because the areas of improvement, and the good things observed.... they hit the nail on the head.   All acknowledge the pride they had in the fact that our Troop is made of well mannered boys, who stick together as a team, and do things well.  Also, they recognized they are often sluggish, and can get a bit lazy with some things, which wastes time.   We discussed ways to improve that.   All agreed it was a GREAT week, very successful, and I heard a lot of talk about wanting to come back next year.

Closing Campfire was nice, but a bit long with many troops choosing to give awards to staffers.

After Jason and I returned back to camp from last nights upload, as he was settling down, he shined his light on a bobcat in our camp.  How cool is that?

Photos and new Videos Online!

Tomorrow I will not be able to upload.  Naeem offered to send a status for me tomorrow, so, we'll try to get that done.  Otherwise... see you Sunday.

God Bless -- Dan