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Camp Rainey Mountain - Day 8

Hello CRM Families,

Whew... what a day, and it's not over yet!

I was woken up this morning, by senior boy leaders saying :"Mr.. Walton, everyone is pretty much packed up except for a certain cabin, and, it's not a boy cabin ;)   Well,they were right!  They got themselves up at 6:00am (or sooner), packed up everything remaining, swept the cabin, cleaned up camp, went down to get more breakfast, had breakfast, got inspected, passed it, all before I got ready and got my truck up there!   We were really impressed.   After loading my truck, hooking up the trailer and taking it down, we had time to spare to take photos, have an ending meeting, and mosey on down to the parking lot.    We got off on time!

On the way to Stone Mountain, they put in place the plan to order Subway. Naeem was simply amazing, he got on the phone and ordered 18 individual specialized orders with someone who spoke almost no English.  He ended up calling the Manager because of troubles getting her to understand pickup times.  Naeem worked with him set up everything and got it paid for with the Troop card!   Unbelievable, I never could have handled it.  On top of that, he found a Subway en-route from Stone Mountain to the AFB, and it was perfect.

We hiked up Stone Mountain.  After having worn ourselves out for a week, it was harder than some of us remember, but with a short break or two, everyone made it.  Some sprinted up, of course.   At the top, we got taken big time by the snack bar, but it was good.  We went down, had some fun photo shots, and got back down very quickly.   Then, we set out for Subway.   The whole subway thing worked out perfect, we headed to the Air Force Museum!

At the museum,, they were able to meet the goal, which was to do the simulator, and see all the other cool planes.  We had plenty of time there, headed for Robins down the road, had a cheap dinner, and as I type this, we are bowling again.

Many boys are counting pennies, trying to figure out much they need to get home, but it was money well spent.

In about 1/2 an hour from now, when we're told they're ready, we'll drive them to the campground, will camp will be raised, and they have a foot ball game planned.   In the AM, we WERE going to take a shower prior to going home, since we did Stone Mountain, and a Football Game, however, we just found out minutes ago, that the shower facilities are CLOSED on weekends.   Oops.   Bring Clothes pins.   Besides, even if they had a shower, their Class-A shirts are a week old.   

So, at the museum, there was another Troop there.   They were rough-housing in the museum, wrestling, bumping into wall, and in many ways not acting like scouts.   Only a few of them had scout clothing on.   Many of our Scouts came up to me, concerned about that they were Scouts acting like that.  Finally I approached them.... their leaders not only weren't doing anything, they were photographing them doing it.   I asked them if they felt they were representing Scouts properly.  Just then, the museum employee came up, thanked me for saying something, and asked them to leave.   I let he know they weren't with us, and she said, oh I know, I remember your Troop from last week, they are very well behaved boys and very nice.   As we were leaving, she made a special point to tell us to come back any time.    What a Troop :)

Well, we're finishing up the last few games here, and have some stuff to do.

The leaders and I keep scratching our heads, normally there are tons of big challenges to overcome, but your boys make it very easy.   This has been a very good trip, and every one of us would do it again in a heart beat!

Sincerely -- Dan Walton

P.S.  The Bowling Alley has a very fast Internet, so, I uploaded photos.

SEE YOU TOMORROW.   No need to be early, we won't be.  If we run late, we'll call at least 1/2 an hour out.