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Photos 2012-2013

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 Camp LaNoChe

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June - July, 2013

 Camp Daniel Boone

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 May, 2013  

Book Camp

<-  Boot Camp

This was an intense 3-day Boot Camp, run by the Colonel, Drill Sergeants, and their assistants.

 April, 2013  

Little Big Econ Canoe Trek

<- Little Big Econ Canoe Trek

The Troop journey's on a very exciting, fun primitive, adventurous canoe trek! Trip Recap Here

Little Big Econ Scouting Trip ->

Mr. Rogers and Mr. Walton explore the Little Big Econ River prior to the Troop Campout


Little Big Econ Scout-it-out Trip


Silver River Monkey Campout

<- Silver River Monkey Campout

Quite the amazing campout, involving a cruse down the Silver River leading out of Silver Springs.  Monkeys and Gators a plenty! Trip Recap Here

Tim Elliott's Eagle Ceremony ->

Our very own Tim Elliott receives his Eagle honors at Suntree United Methodist.

Tim Elliott's Eagle Ceremony

Relay for Life Service Project

<- Relay for Life Service Project

Scouts from Troop 337 Performed in a Flag Ceremony in mid-afternoon, and served for a "cancer survivor" dinner the the evening for the Relay for Life event at Wickham Park

Daniel Gattle's Eagle Project ->

Day 3 of Daniel Gattle's Eagle Leadership Project.  The project was to raise money for and design and build a fence around Faith Fellowship Church for the church and academy.

Daniel Gattle's Eagle Service Project

 March, 2013  

Grilled Cheese Competition

<- Grilled Cheese Competition

Patrols spent the meeting in a huge competition to see which Patrol could please the Senior Leadership with their grilled cheese cooking skills.

Easter Egg Hunt Service ->

The Troop provided manning of jumper stations at the Community-wide Easter egg hunt, and also set up a hot dog fund-raiser for the Troop;

Easter Egg Hunt Service & Fundraiser

Eagle Patrol Overnighter

 Eagle Patrol Overnighter
The Eagle Patrol has an overnighter at the Patrol Leader's house.    Lots of achievements and fun!
 February, 2013  

Lake Yale

 Lake Yale

This was an action packed campout.   Canoeing to Pelican Poop island, a trail-blazing service project, rifle & shotgun shooting, motor boating and tubing, camping under the start for two nights, and more!
  January, 2013  

Brickyard Cove Canoe Sports Island Campout

<- Brickyard Cove Island Mosquito Lagoon Sports Canoe Campout
On this campout we planned a very long canoe run in mosquito lagoon. As we set out, all very over encumbered, we crossed the inter-costal waterway toward our island. We had a very great trip to the island and a fun day of play, but dinner war by far the best. The Leaders made chicken; the Falcons made almost pumpkin pie; the Panthers made salad; and the Eagles made very delicious baked potatoes. It was a very fun trip and on the way back we invented canoe dodgeball.

Airsoft Fort Build


<- Airsoft Fort Build

For this meeting we all met at Faith Fellowship Church to work on an ongoing project to build our own air soft forts. Each patrol built their own fort and we had a range of various ideas. The Falcon patrol is building a very tall tower that fits a sniper up top and cover for people down below. The Eagle patrol built a box to completely cover a group of people, and they also made it light enough to be mobile. The Panthers made a wide square which I think they planned on making two floors and cover for a lot of people. These forts should be very fun to use at the next air soft war.
November, 2012  

Alexander Springs Hike

  <- Alexander Springs Hike

Our Troops 2nd hike to Alexander Springs. Only this time, we hiked 1/2 of it the 1st day, spent the night in the middle of the forest, and hiked the 2nd half the next day.
 October, 2012    

Parker Brothers "Dream Machine" Visit

The Troop enjoyed this special opportunity to hang with the Parker Brothers from the show "Dream Machine".  Tron Bikes and more!

A select group of Troop volunteers go to the historical light house at the Cape Canaveral Air force stations to clean it up for a special day, which honors some of the original lighthouse keepers families.

Lighthouse Service Project

 September, 2012    

Oklawaha Canoe Exploration

       On this trip to Oklawaha we had a very fun canoe trip planned. While we were traveling I saw one of the biggest wasp nest ever and luckily no one touched it. We got back with safety and had a very fun dock battle. We also had a very fun canoe swamping competition before a delicious lunch. This was one of my favorite campouts.


Fantasy of Flight

Scouts enjoyed a very nice day visiting the unique aircraft expose at Fantasy of Flight. We're going back next year for sure!

Lashing Troop Meeting ->

Troop Meeting - Lashing

August, 2012  

Survivor Campout #3

This is our 3rd survivor campout on Grange Island, and the hardest.  The weather was rough, it was hot.  On the up side, the crabs and clams were to die for.

Dan Walton,
May 11, 2013, 7:12 AM