Meet the Leaders

Troop 337 Scout Leaders

Troop 337 is led by an awesome group of boys who are members of the Patrol Leader's Council (PLC).  To see a listing of the boys who are currently leading the Troop, CLICK HERE.

Troop 337 Adult Leaders

The PLC is supported by a group of dedicated adult leaders who's sole purpose is to support the boys.   The Scoutmaster and his assistants lead the "program" side of the Troop, working directly with the boys to train them as young leaders, and to mentor them in the ways of Scouting.   The Committee Chair and Committee Members lead the "business" side of the Troop, managing the finances, fundraising, registration, transportation, safety, and many other aspects of the Troop.,
These leaders oversee the Scout Program side of the Troop.
These leaders oversee the Business side of the Troop
 Dan Walton – Scoutmaster- Dan has been a Scout Leader since 1997. He works as a Satellite Software Engineer at Harris GCSD in Melbourne.  Dan, his wife Donna, and four boys (2 Eagles and counting) have lived in the community all of their lives.  Dan’s interests include family, fishing, worship music, audio systems, camping and of course Scouting.
H: 255-7233, C: 693-2807
 Dan & Kim McMillan – Committee Chairman & Secretary - Dan and Kim have been in Scouting since 2006.   Dan is employed as a Software Engineer at Harris Corporation.  Dan is originally from West Virginia and has called Melbourne home for the last 15 years.  Dan and his wife Kim have four children; three sons named Connor, Zane, and Nathan and one daughter named Samantha.  Dan’s interests include family, soccer, football, little league, fishing, camping, golf, and Scouting. 
H: 321-259-1060, C: 321-591-5108,
Ryan Rogers – Assistant Scoutmaster - Both Ryan and his wife Kerri were born and raised in Florida.  They are very thankful for their three great kids and love to spend time with family and friends.  Ryan enjoys the outdoors and activities including:  camping, biking and a variety of sports.  Scouting has become a great source of enjoyment for the whole family since 2008.  Ryan has worked for the Brevard Achievement Center serving persons with disabilities since 1992.  H:757-9316, C:720-5081,
Spiros Nifakos - Advancements & Charter Organization Represenative  Spiros, along with his wife Jennifer and their two boys Mark and Will have lived here in Melbourne since 2004. Before coming here, Spiros was in the U.S. Navy and had the privilege of serving as a Naval Aviator for almost 10 years flying aircraft like the F-14 and the A-6.  He is now a small business owner and works for his company Mega Technologies as an independent sales and marketing representative for 12 different microchip manufacturers.   Spiros enjoys spending time with his wife and family doing things like fishing, boating, kayaking, and camping. c:321-223-1853 or
Nathan Eley - Assistant Scoutmaster - Nathan is an Eagle Scout and has served the scouting community here in Brevard since 2001. He works as a  mechanical engineer at Harris Corporation. His wife Heather is a busy homeschooling mom to their 5 children, serves as a Den Leader in Pack 337, and also serves in children's ministry at their church. Both of their scouting age boys have had wonderful experiences in Pack 337, and one of them has just moved on to Troop 337.

Nathan         321-652-7056

Bill Eastwood - Treasurer - Billl’s son Thomas has been involved in scouting since 2009. They enjoy fishing, boating, and sports. c:321-795-8995

Robbie Baer - Assistant Scoutmaster - Robbie came into Troop 337 as a Scout and earned his Eagle rank in 2016.  Since then, he has become an Assistant Scoutmaster.  Robbie works in the restaurant industry.  His interests include ROTC, Aviation, and Scouting.  c:321-361-8111