Thank you for your interest in BSA Troop 337!  

Here are the joining requirements for our Troop:
  • Be a boy who is 11 years old, or one who has completed the fifth grade or earned the Arrow of Light Award and is at least 10 years old, but is not yet 18 years old. 
  • Contact the Scoutmaster, Dan Walton, at or text/call at 321-693-2807 to ask if the Troop currently has open enrollment.  Sometimes we close enrollment because we want the size of the Troop to be one that can be boy-led.
Once you have met these requirements, do the following to join!

We need information such as Contact Information, Shirt Sizes, and Medical Information.  Please use this TROOP 337 REGISTRATION FORM to register with the us.

Every scout must register with BSA National.   This requires a one time payment for registration through the end of the calendar year.  If you are Transferring from another Troop, or Pack, indicate so on your registration, and you will pay only the minimal transfer fee.    In the future, the Troop will pay for this fee using your dues.

To register with National,  use  ONLINE NATIONAL REGISTRATION FORM.  You will need to create a username.  We are Troop 337, in the Riverside District, of the Central Florida Council.

Medical Forms are required for all Scouts in order to attend campouts.
  • Our Secretary is Mrs. Kim McMillan. She handles receiving and keeping medical forms for the Scouts. Her contact is: or mobile: 321-591-5109
  • There are 3 parts (A, B, C) to the medical forms that BSA Requires. Instructions and downloads are HERE.
    • Parts A&B are filled out by the parent (no physician needed) and are required for ALL Campouts to have on file. Please fill out and turn in to our secretary. Downloaded HERE.
    • Here's info you need for the forms:
      • Unit Leader - Dan Walton
      • Unit Leader Phone# - 321-693-2807
      • Council Name - Central Florida
      • Council # - 083
      • Unit Number 0337
      • NOTE: No Dr. Signature Required for Parts A and B.  Just for part C
    • As indicated in Part B, please attach a copy of your Insurance Card (front&back) to Part B.
    • Part C is to be filled out by a physician and is required for SUMMER CAMP ONLY. It can be a walk-in clinic that does it or a family physician. Wait to fill this one out until it is near time for summer camp. Download HERE.
As you are first joining, you may not have time to get a uniform and scout handbook before you first few meetings, but we do ask that you do so as soon as possible.   Here is what defines a uniform:
  • TROOP T-SHIRT – We will look for a Troop Shirt for you. If your size is available, we’ll give it to you, otherwise, it will be ordered when we have our annual re-order. 
  • CLASS-A - You need a Class-A (dress shirt) from the Scout Shop. You will need to buy and sew on (or have sewn on by scout shop for a fee) patches for: “Troop 337”, “Central Florida Council”,  and your Patrol Patch (ask the Scoutmaster what Patrol you are in). The people at the Scout Shop will help. The Scout Shop is on Wickham Road behind Applebees.
  • LONG PANTS, SHORTS, or CONVERSION PANTS (legs zip off) - These can be purchased at the Scout Shop. However, nice conversion pants that work can be purchased at Academy Sports (be sure to get green) - Click Here.
  • ACCESSORIES -   Depending on the pants you get they may/may not have a built-in belt. If they don’t, you need a BSA belt.  Our Troop asks for either official scout socks, or black socks. Shoes are to be earth-toned close-toed shoes. No bright colors. We do not wear neckerchiefs (scarfs) or hats.

    • Please look on the Troop Website under “About Us
    • Parents, please read the “Parent Information Sheet
    • Scouts, please download, print and read the “New Scout Agreement”. Sign it, go over with your parents, and ask them to sign it. Turn it into the scoutmaster at a meeting.
    • Parents & Scouts - Please look at the Troop Program Guide together.  This is your guide to Troop operations.