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Free & Additional Shirt Ordering:
  • CLICK HERE to order your Free Troop Shirt as well any additional shirts you might want.
  • Each Scout gets 1 Free regular Troop shirt (but must use the form above to order)
  • Additional Shirt Costs:
    • Regular - $10
    • Wicking - $18
    • You will pay on the form using Paypal to process your bank or credit card
    • Since costs set based on estimated order size, there's a slight chance we may need to come back to you for a moderate adjustment after the order. 
  • Deadline for all Shirt Orders is Monday, April 20th, 2015
  • Note: If you do not order at least your free Troop T-Shirt, we will do our best to order you the size from last year, or what you initially indicated on your Troop registration when you joined (which may be too small)
  • Email Ryan Rogers at - rrogers@cfl.rr.com with any questions or changes to your order.