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From the Start, Troop 337 Scouts have loved getting on the water.   We are currently on a campaign to obtain canoes, paddles, life vests, and canoe trailers.   Here's how you can help:
  1. Donate - You can donate to the Canoe Fund by writin a check to "Troop 337" and earmarking it as "Canoe Fund", or you can donate online HERE
  2. Find Canoes - Search local listings, ask neighbors, and keep your eyes out to find Canoes (and paddles/life vests) which are cheap (under $150), even if they are in need of repair.  Ask if they are willing to donate it, let them know we can supply a donation letter.
Here is the history of our canoes aquisition thus far: 

 Canoe #1

Now you see it ... now you don't. Donated by Troop 337 to the Mosquito Lagoon on 06/03/2012.

 Canoe #2

16' canoe donated by Jeff Sweet.
Originally came from Troop 224, Melbourne.

 Canoe #3

17' Dolphin Canoe with paddles - Purchased for $125 from Harris Classifieds on 09/25/2012

 Canoe #4

15' three seat canoe, gently used and ready to hit the water. Donated by the Maxfields of Palm Bay on 10/04/2012. Thank you Dr. Altenburg for finding this donor! 

 Canoe #5

16' canoe originally included carpeting and needed a little TLC.  Donated by Rick Davis of Cocoa on 09/11/12.

Adult/Scout Leader Canoe #1

This beautiful "Old Town Penobscot 17 footer" was lovingly donated by Frank & Maria Salcedo of Cocoa.   This canoe has been well cared for, is decked out and is worthy of standing in place of our Red Canoe #1. - 09/27/2012

 Canoe #6

Generously donated by the Stephens family of ...
you guessed it ... Troop 337. Thanks guys!

Canoe #7
16 foot Old Town canoe for $125 ... Rugged and ready to go ... Nice! The only thing this one needs eventually is a recoat of paint (red of course). Came with two PFD's and 3 paddles! Thanks Dr. A. for finding this one and thanks to the Waltons for picking it up!


 Canoe #8
Thanks to new T337 scout Damien & his father Ben Hosmer. They donated their canoe along with a couple of paddles and PFD's. This one is ready to hit the water!


 Canoe #9
Graciously donated by the Peacock family of Melbourne, FL. It looks like it needs a quick patch on the bottom and it will be ready to go. Of course, we can paint it up pretty when we get a chance.

Canoe #10
Bought from a great guy named Tom in Port St John. Got the canoe, 2 paddles and 6 life jackets for a grand total of $25. Looks like this one needs a little woodworking. Other than that, just minor fiberglass repairs and a new paint job.


Canoe #11
Graciously donated by Greg Pesicek of Avalon Park, FL. This one needs some minor repairs and a new paint job and she'll be on the water.


Canoe #12
Donated by Ryan Rogers. They say that beauty is only skin deep. Got some work to do on this one. It will be brought back to life, but don't expect it on a Troop campout too soon.

 Canoes #13 - 18
Still hunting ... keep looking!

Canoe Trailer #1
We are ready to hit the road! This trailer will hold 6 canoes and is ready to go. No assembly required.

Canoe Trailer #2
Some assembly required ...
Will hold 8 canoes when the welding is completed.

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