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Santos Trail Ride & Springs Campout

posted Feb 13, 2022, 5:33 PM by Dan Walton   [ updated Feb 13, 2022, 7:02 PM ]
Feb 25th-27th, 2022

We will be camping at the Ross Prairie Campground and biking at Santos Campground on the Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway.

This is at the trailhead of Florida’s best bike trails, biking on several types and levels of trails, and finding a nearby springs to swim in! 

Time to get your bike all tuned up and ready to go!   The information sheet has more bicycle information to review.  If you need to borrow (or possibly keep) a Troop bike, indicate so on the RSVP form.

On the way home Sunday, we'll be stopping at Wekiwa Springs for a swim, field games, and a Troop Lunch!

PARENTS - For you son to attend this campout, please do the following:
  1. Please carefully read the INFORMATION SHEET as well as all information supplied to the scouts below.
  2. Fill out the ONLINE REGISTRATION/RSVP/PARENT PERMISSION FORM -  This is to be filled out by the parent and scout together, prior to Monday, Feb 21st meeting   There is an option to pay in the form, or a check or cash can be turned in on a Monday meeting PRIOR.
SCOUTS (NOT PARENTS) MUST DO THE FOLLOWING 5 STEPS to attend this Campout (see print & download instructions below):
  1.  INFORMATION SHEET - Print it, READ IT, and put it in your Troop notebook  Use it carefully to prepare/pack for the trip.   
  2. With your parents, fill out the  ONLINE REGISTRATION/RSVP/PARENT PERMISSION FORM as instructed above (sit with your parents and use link above)
  3. CAMPOUT AGENDA -  Please print this, and pack it for the campout.  Might want one for your Troop Notebook too!
  4. Use the Scout Personal Packing List or click HERE to edit/save your own version in Ms Word.
  6. SW = Wheelie (parents are asked to not tell/guide your scouts to this)
    INSTRUCTIONS on how to Download & Print Documents: Once you click on the forms above, you may hover near the bottom of the page to print and/or download them using the disc icon.  Also, you may download documents at the bottom of this page (see arrows).
    SPECIAL CAMPOUT CONSIDERATIONS - All of this is covered in the information sheet, but here's a few things to especially pay attention to:
    1. Prepare your Bike - These trails are hard on bikes.  Be sure everything is in good shape, bring extra tools and perhaps tubes.  
    2. Swimming - We are swimming in a springs on Sunday.  Bring your scout swim suit or swimmable scout shorts and if you like bring mask & snorkel.   Even if you don't plan on swimming, bring your swim suit & towel to hang by the springs and if you want to wade.

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