First Aid

You are all signed up for the FIRST AID Merit Badge.  This is great, because it’s SUPER important to learn FIRST AID, and also, by earning it, you will complete a LOT of the HARDEST requirements for Rank Badges!  It’s also a badge that is required for Eagle, and many other Merit Badges require you to have it. 

To get the First Aid Merit Badge completely signed off at camp, you have to finish a few things at home.  These are called Prerequisite.  If you do these things BEFORE CAMP, then once you come back from camp, you’re all done with the badge!  But if you don’t finish them, then you have to do them AFTER CAMP, and I’ll sign you off later, but that’s a pain, so try to do before camp ok?

Here are the “Prerequisites” for the First Aid Merit Badge: 

#1 Build a First Aid Kit

This will be a first aid kit that you can bring with you on campouts & hikes.

  • You MUST BRING to SUMMER CAMP in order to be signed off.
  • It can be put in  a freezer zip-lock with a rubber band to hold it tight or even better – Find a small container or pouch to put it in!
  • Here’s a list of what to put in your kit – REFER to your SCOUT BOOK for more clarification/details.
    • Band-Aids
    • Small Sterile Gauze (like 3”x3”)
    • Small roll of tape (good for skin)
    • Small set of scissors
    • Small piece of moleskin (used to help with blisters – can get at CVS, Walgreens, etc.)
    • Small tube of antibiotic ointment (or rip-open pouches)
    • One pair of non-latex disposable gloves
    • Small bar of soap or travel-sized bottle of hand sanitizer or rip-open wipes.
    • Pencil & Paper (important)
    • CPR Breathing Barrier (recommended but not required)
  • Read on your SCOUT BOOK under FIRST AID, and it will tell you what all of this stuff is for.
  • SCOUTS MUST DO THIS – NOT PARENTS – Scouts will be asked if they assembled the kits themselves (Parents of course can take to the store, help find things, just not do it)

#2 Learn Rank Requirements 

As Scoutmaster, I  will need to sign each of you off on ALL of the rank requirements in your book related to First Aid for the Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class Ranks.  

  • For me to sign you off, I will talk to you, ask questions, and test your knowledge.  
  • You need to prepare by READING in your handbook and learning the information.   To know where to read – look at the requirement in the Rank Section of your book, and it tells you the page numbers.
  • I have also included video links above to help you learn.

Here are the requirements.  Read them, and read the pages in your handbook that teaches about them:

  • Tenderfoot - 4a , 4b, 4c, and 4d
  • Second Class – 6a, 6b, 6c, 6d, and 6e
  • First Class – 7a, 7b, 7c, 7d, 7e, and 7f
  • Videos Here 


#1 – Make a first aid kit, bring it with you

#2 - Read the First Aid section of your handbook a few times, and watch a few videos!

Scouts, there is a tremendous amount of effort going into summer camp.   You and others before you worked hard and donors donated to make the trip affordable.  Do your part to do this before camp, so you can BE PREPARED – “A Scout is Courteous”. 

Thank you – Scoutmaster Walton