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Justice Scout Camp 2021 @ Summit Bechtel Reserve!

posted May 28, 2021, 8:11 AM by Dan Walton   [ updated Feb 22, 2022, 12:11 PM ]
June 11th-20th, 20201

For our Troops last summer camp, we're pulling out all the stops and going to the James C. Justice Scout Camp at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia!

This is beautiful place in the mountains, with incredible facilities and an amazing program.  It is the location of both the National and World Scouting BSA Jamboree!

There will be ten Scouts and three leaders will be traveling (roster).  Mr. Walton will drive the Troop van, pulling the smaller (Pack) trailer with Rylan as the Navigator.  Mr. McMillan will drive his truck.
Drop Off - Scouts will be dropped of at the  Scoutpost on Friday, June 11th at 7:00pm, will be sleeping in the Scoutpost, and hitting the road the next morning at about 5am. 

Travel To Camp - We're going to travel about 10hours to the Cross Country Campground in North Carolina.  We will be staying in a tent campsite area, apart from the Travel Trailer Park (see the lake on the map).   If we have time, there's some fun stuff to do there.  The next morning, we'll travel for about 5 hours to the Summit Bechtel Reserve.

Travel Back Home - We're going to depart Justice Scout Camp early the morning of Saturday, the 19th.  We'll travel travel about 10 hours to Ft. McAllister State Park in Georgia.  There, we'll visit a museum, and enjoy a self-guided tour of the historical fort, and hike some trails (see map).   We'll spend the night in their Pioneer CampsiteSunday morning (Father's Day), we'll travel for about 6 hours back to the Scoutpost, arriving at on Sunday, June 19th at 2pm for pickup.

TRAVEL FOOD (red = scout supplied)
  • Saturday the 12th - Bagged Breakfast & Lunch,  Fast-Food Dinner
  • Sunday the 13th - Troop Breakfast & Lunch & Dinner
  • Monday -> Friday - Summer Camp & Troop Cracker Barrels
  • Saturday the 19th - Troop Breakfast, Fast-Food Lunch, Troop Dinner
  • Sunday the 20th - Troop Breakfast, Golden Corral Lunch
  1. Read everything on this Web Page you are on (above & below) and explore ALL of the links.
  2. Summer Camp Information Sheet - Print this out, read it, follow it.
  3. Packing List & Instructions - Print several copies of this.  One you should mark up as you pack.   If you ever "unpack" anything you packed, be sure to "uncheck" it off the list.
  4. Daily Schedule - Print this & bring several copies
  5. Campsite Location Map - We are in Campsite D2-4C look at this Campsite Location Map.  You can also see a high-res detailed map here.  You should print a map or two and bring it in your day pack
  6. Prepare for your Merit Badges, by following the Merit Badge section below.
  7. Start Packing and checking things off.  Remember, if you pull something out of your "Packed Pile" (like your pillow), then be sure to "Uncheck" it so you remember to bring it.   For your camp gear, you can bring two tubs, or one foot locker.  Two tubs keep you more organized, and one foot locker can make a nice bench.


Here's what parents need to do to prepare for your sons Summer Camp:
  1. Browse this entire Web Page and the links.
  2. Carefully read the Summer Camp Information Sheet
  3. Carefully read both pages of the Packing List
  4. Once you've done steps 1-3, then fill out the Troop Permission & Payment Form (have medication information handy)  Note: You can use this form to submit your final payment as well if desired.
  5. Complete the all 3 sets of forms below by Tuesday, June 8th.
  6. COVID Pre-Screening Log - This a 5 day before camp log of Covid related possible symptoms.  Please print - Keep the log, and turn it in on Friday night at drop-off.   UPDATE - If you can show proof of full vaccination, it can be used in place of the Log.  Also, if you've had a non-fast Negative Covid test 72 hours prior to camp, that'll count too.
  7. Pay your Final Payment that our Treasurer emailed out before Camp please.
  8. Encourage your scout to START PACKING, but please let them do it themselves.  Just help and guide as needed.  This will help them organize for the trip.
The Following Forms 3 forms must be complete and submitted by Tuesday, June 8th.   Forms must be downloaded, filled & signed electronically (or printed, filled & scanned), and then uploaded using the link below.  If you are technologically challenged, and not able to do this, please contact for arrangements (but please try, thank you).
  1. Summit Waiver - Please Sign All Pages
  2. Medical Forms Part A, B & C - You can fill out Parts A&B yourself.  You need to take Part C to your Dr, or a walk-in clinic to have them fill out.  Note: Your son must have had the tetanus shot w/n the last 10 years.
  3. Whitewater Release Form - 12 and older
Upload All Forms Here (either all at once, or one at a time)
Check Form Status Here - use this to check when we've processed and approved your form

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