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Alexander Springs Hiking Campout

posted Feb 12, 2021, 6:33 AM by Dan Walton   [ updated Feb 22, 2022, 12:07 PM ]
March 13th-14th, 2021

This is a One Night, Two Day Campout  (Sat early AM -> Sunday late Afternoon)

This will be a fun 12 mile hike along the3 Florida Trail from Lake Clearwater in Paisley, to Alexander Springs, stopping in the middle of the Ocala Forest and making our own campsite!   At our remote campsite in the woods, we'll use our newly-made reflector ovens to make our now-famous Troop Pizza bread!   At the springs , we'll swim, snorkel, play field games, have lunch and come home well before dinner!

You'll need to do a lot of preparations including a Saturday morning bagged breakfast, a backpacked lunch,  tent (personal or shared troop)/hammock planning, backpack packing and another bag to pack just for Alexander springs.  Working with your buddies and sharing resources can make this trip more fun.

The four Troop Meetings prior to the campout will be used to train & teach the new scouts about everything backpacking, so that by the trip, they'll be ready.    Additionally, we will have a "Shakedown Hike" (date TBD) where you try out your backpack and shoes on a short hike starting at the Scoutpost.
PARENTS - For you son to attend this campout, please do the following:
  1. Please carefully read the INFORMATION SHEET (2 pages) as well as all information supplied to the scouts below.
  2. Fill out the ONLINE REGISTRATION/RSVP/PARENT PERMISSION FORM -  This is to be filled out by the parent and scout, prior to Monday, March 1st.   There is an option to pay in the form, or a check or cash can be turned in on or before Monday.
  3. Covid Precautions - Please Read
    • Pre Health Check - Please use good judgement.  Please check your sons temperature and do a health check before sending him. 
    • Masks in Vehicles - Please bring a mask to wear in the van/vehicles.  We'll open windows as well
SCOUTS (NOT PARENTS) MUST DO THE FOLLOWING 8 STEPS to attend this Campout (see print & download instructions below):
  1.  INFORMATION SHEET - TWO PAGES! - Print it, READ IT, and put it in your Troop notebook  Use it carefully to prepare/pack for the trip.   
  2. With your parents, fill out the  ONLINE REGISTRATION/RSVP/PARENT PERMISSION FORM as instructed above (sit with your parents and use link above)
  3. CAMPOUT AGENDA -  Please print this, and pack it for the campout.  Might want one for your Troop Notebook too!
  4. TRAIL MAP (click) - This custom Troop 337 Map shows points of interest on our journey.  Please print this and bring it with you, as well as a compass! New Scouts can get a LOT of hard requirements done if you bring the Trail Map and a Map Compass (clear square base - Cheap from WalMart)
  5. BACKPACKING SPECIFIC PACKING LIST - The yellow highlights are the only things required, the rest are optional.  Note:  This list is only if you are not responsible for your own cooking (which for this campout you are not)
  6. BACKPACKING HELPFUL HINTS - Print and read this and put it in your Troop Notebook (updated for this trip).  Note: You can find this any time in scouts-> documents.
  8. Parents are not allowed to tell or direct scouts to secret word (look closely for it nearby)  Pizza
    INSTRUCTIONS on how to Download & Print Documents: Once you click on the forms above, you may hover near the bottom of the page to print and/or download them using the disc icon.  Also, you may download documents at the bottom of this page (see arrows).

    ABOUT BACKPACKS - Check out his Backpacking Type Information to help you know about back packs.  If you need more help selecting, purchasing, or if you want to see if you can borrow one, please talk to the Scoutmaster.

    • Whistles - Every Scout MUST wear a whistle on the hike.
    • Sleeping Shelter - You must do one of the following for sleeping shelter:
      • A LIGHTWEIGHT backpacking personal tent
      • A hammock (must have mosquito netting and rain cover)
      • Make arrangements to share a tent with 2-4 other scouts and split up the tent for the hike.
    • Food & Water - Carefully prepare for your meals and Water.  It's complicated, but if you read everything, you'll do it right. Don't forget to bring your reflector oven for Pizza Bread on Saturday Night (if you haven't finished it, bring it into a meeting for help)
    • Test your Backpack - Do a test walk with your backpack.  Be sure the weight is mostly on your hips, not your shoulders.  Adjust the torso length to fit you if your backpack is adjustable.   Distribute your weight close to your back and HIGH. 
    • Hiking Shoes - You don't need heavy hiking boots, that's for rocky terrain, and tend to tire you out and create blisters.  Use hiking shoes (shoes with heavy soles) with no, low, or mid ankle support.   No need for high ankle support on our terrain.
    • Paper Work - Print & Bring the Trail Map and Campout Agenda in your Backpack!
    Other Things you should do:
    1. Visit the Alexander Springs Website and read about the springs and trails. Or look at Springs Information.
    2. Look at the interactive map below, or you can use the  LARGE INTERACTIVE MAP 
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