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2019-09-27 Brickyard Cove Monkey Bridge Campout

posted Sep 13, 2019, 10:09 AM by Dan Walton   [ updated Feb 16, 2021, 8:27 AM ]

September 27th - 29th, 2019

Wow, what a campout!

We will be camping on the remote Brickyard Cove spoil island, only accessible via canoe.  It's in the pristine and beautiful Mosquito Lagoon near the Canaveral Seashore (about 80 miles north)

Activities include:  Building a Monkey Bridge to an adjacent Island, special troop games using the monkey bridge (ask your SPL), a Bioluminescant night canoe run, island exploration, swimming, and more!

  1. INFORMATION SHEET - Print it, READ IT, and put it in your Troop notebook  Use it to prepare/pack for the trip.   Make a copy for your parents to have & read.
  2. PERMISSION FORM  - Print it, have your parents sign it, and bring it to the Troop Meeting with payment
  3. PRINT THESE MAPS - Part of being a scout is learning map & navigation skills.  All scouts are required to Print These Maps and Put Them in a Ziploc Bag (or laminate them) and bring them on the canoe ride.
  4. Look at the Interactive Canoe Exploration Map below.  Expand it to full screen and find places you want to go.  Pay attention  to the scale of miles.  If you find a place, try zooming and printing a map yourself.
  5. AGENDA - Print/bring your agenda.
  6. "Howler Monkey Bridge"" - Parents do not tell/show/direct your Scout to this secret word please.
To build a monkey bridge, scouts will need to be able to perform the following pioneering rope skills:
  • Clove Hitch, Timber Hitch, Two Half Hitches
  • Square, Sheer & Diagonal Lashings
  • Learn about the Double A-Frame Monkey Bridge
Look in your Scout Handbook, and you'll find very clear instructions.  Get an experienced scout or leader to help you learn.  You'll want to have a hand in the build.

PATROL MENUS & Duty Rosters - Everyone can look, but only those assigned by the Patrol Leader may make changes to the menus and duty rosters.

Canoe Exploration Map - Be prepared for your journey, by using the map below, and doing the following:
  1. Expend the Map to Full Screen (top right)
  2. Find the Blue Marker, which is River Breeze Boat Ramp - That is our starting location
  3. Follow the Trail to the Yellow Campsite Marker - That is Bickyard Cove
  4. Look at the other Nearby Campsites with Green Markers - Decide which you'd like to explore

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