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2015-05-16 Rock Springs Campout

posted Apr 30, 2014, 5:37 PM by Dan Walton   [ updated Jun 16, 2017, 2:47 PM ]
May 16th - 18th, 2014

We will be tubing, swimming, and snorkeling in the beautiful Rock Springs at Kelly Park in Apopka.   Not to mention camping on a spacious group campsite.

This is a Family Invitational Campout, meaning families are invited to join the Troop on this campout!   However, this is still a Troop campout, and many Scouts will be camping without their families as we do on most campouts.

About the Rock Springs River Run - People jump in with tubes, snorkel gear, or just themselves, and float/swim down the river. There are several places to get out and you can walk back a short distance to the beginning. There is plenty of grassy area to put down towels and chairs and to station snacks & drinks, enjoy the concession stand, play ball, etc. There are lifeguards which are very diligent, and most places are very shallow. We suggest bringing a mask/snorkel set and possibly fins for the run. It is a wonderful place to look at fish, plants, and formations under water. Tubing is also enjoyable (see information below).

  1. INFORMATION SHEET  - Print it, READ IT CAREFULLY, and put it in your Troop notebook  Use it to prepare/packfor the trip.   Click to view, and then hover near the bottom to save/print OR to download go to the bottom of this page and click the down arrow beside the sheet.
  2. PARENT PERMISSION FORM - Print it, have your parents sign it, and bring it to the Troop Meeting on May 5th.  Note, there is no payment associated with the permission form as the payment for Scouts (and any family attending) is handled via Online Registration (next step).  Yes, you need a permission form, even if your parents are attending.
  3. ONLINE REGISTRATION - Scouts/Families need to fill out the ONLINE REGISTRATION.  Scouts and Scouts with Families Attending will both  fill out the Online Registration form (one per family please).   You may use PAYPAL to pay for it, or you may choose to use a Credit card by telling it you want to pay for it without creating a PayPal account.
  4. AGENDA - in files at bottom of page. Please print, read, and bring with you to the trip.

  • May Scouts Attend Without Their Families? YES! This is a normal Troop Campout, just with families invited. Many, if not most Scouts will not have their families attending.
  • May my Scout Tent with us? No, Scouts will be conducting their campout as usual, including tenting with their Patrol buddies.
  • Do Families Eat on their Own? No, they don’t. Families are invited to join the Adult leaders on “Patrol” meals, and to join the Troop on the Saturday night Troop meal. For Saturday Lunch at the Springs, each family/scout must either use the concession stand or bring a bagged lunch. See the details about food below.
  • Can I Drive My Son There & Back? It depends. If you are able to caravan with the Troop at the prescribed departure/arrival times/dates, then, yes. Otherwise, your Scout will need to travel to/from with the Troop.
  • Can I Hang With My Son at the Springs? Yes, families are encouraged to enjoy the day at the Springs with their sons, and with other Troop Families. Scouts without attending family members, will hang out as a Troop with Troop leaders for the day, as they would on any campout.
  • Do We HAVE to Camp? Absolutely not. Families may camp one night, two nights, or may participate Saturday daytime only. However, if attending Saturday, you will need to get there early! (see FAMILY TRAVEL below)


If families wish to travel with the Troop (and their son if desired), they are asked to travel the same schedule as the Troop.  Otherwise, they may take care of their own transportation schedule (apart from their son).   If a family plans on arriving on Saturday, they need to be there before 8:30am to meet us at camp, otherwise the park will likely be closed due to over capacity.  If you are arriving apart from the Troop, you will need to contact one of the attending leaders to get a Gate Code and directions.   

Dan Walton: 321/693-2807, Ryan Rogers: 321/720-5081, Dan McMillan: 321/591-5108, Kim McMillan: 321/591-5109, Rich Elliott: 321/848-5919.  Remember to call ahead and take these numbers with you.

Registration costs for scouts include: Friday Cracker Barrel, Saturday Breakfast and Dinner (not lunch), and Sunday Breakfast. Meals for Families are covered based on your registration. Please register for any Patrol/Troop meals during the time you are with us (please don’t eat on your own). Here are 4 important things to know about meals:
  1. Eat Dinner Friday Prior to Departure – Or Bring A Bagged Dinner
  2. Bring A Bagged Lunch for Saturday at the Springs OR you may Bring Money for the Concession Stand (burgers, dogs, other sandwiches & snacks) 
  3. Bring Drinks or Money for Drinks for our time Saturday at the Springs. 
  4. Bring Money for a Fast Food lunch stop on the way home on Sunday

Tubes can be enjoyable, but you might not want them for the whole family. 
It’s also something to keep track of, and you’re responsible if it’s lost.  
For Scouts, Tube Rentals will be handled by the Troop, just register/pay online.  
For Families, you can either have us rent them for you by reserving them when
 you register online, or pick them up yourselves on the way there.  

Be aware that they tend to sell out, so you may want the Troop to handle it.  
You also are permitted to bring your own tubes, so long as they are reasonably sized.


Use these lists to do your Packing: 
  • Packing List in your Troop Notebook (can be found the Troop Website under Scouts->Documents
  • Refer to your Scout Handbook for lists. 
  • Note: Get the Word Document from the Troop Website and make/print your own (best move) 
Special Packing for This Campout
  • Food & Money – Saturday Lunch (or money), Saturday Drinks (or money), money for Sunday Fast Food Lunch. 
  • Close Toed Water Shoes or Close Toed Sandals – Some form of close-toed water shoe or sandal is required for walking to/from the Springs Area.   SPECIAL NOTE:  It is HIGHLY recommended that you wear some kind of close toed water shoes or sandals, or wear fins when swimming/snorkeling down the river due to the rocks and pebbles on the ground that make it very hard (and painful) to walk.
  • Swim Suit – We would like to see everyone wearing Scout swim trunks or shorts that work as swim trunks as well as a Troop wicking shirt (or shirt). However if you don’t have any of these you may substitute as needed. 
  • Towel – You’ll be in the water a lot and will want a towel to dry/sit on. 
  • Paperwork – Bible, Campout Agenda, Scout Book (don’t bring your Troop notebook) 
  • Camping Chair (often forgotten)
As always, Scouts are to wear full Class-A Uniforms while traveling.  Class-B is appropriate for daytime activities.   A Scout bathing Suit and Troop Shirt or Wicking Shirt is preferred for Springs Activities, but you may substitute if you don’t have any of those items.   Scouts are required to wear close-toed shoes or close-toed sandals when walking to/from the Springs, but will be allowed to remove them while tubing in the Springs.  However, it is HIGHLY recommended that you wear something on your feet in the river because of the sharp rocks make it difficult to stand.


If you have any questions, contact The Scoutmaster or one of the Assistant Scoutmasters.

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