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2013-01-19 Mosquito Lagoon Canoe Island Sports Campout

posted Jan 12, 2013, 7:46 AM by Dan Walton   [ updated Jun 16, 2017, 2:54 PM ]
January 19th - 20th, 2013

We will be launching canoes from the Riverbreeze Park on the West side of the Indian River Lagoon and heading to a spoil island named “Brickhouse Cove”.   

Activities include a canoe trail, exploring other islands, fishing, swimming, and playing team sports at Brickhouse Cove, and an awesome trash can Troop dinner Saturday night.

  1. Print out this INFORMATION SHEET  - Click to view, and then hover near the bottom to save/print OR to download go to the bottom of this page and click the down arrow beside the sheet.
  2. READ THE INFORMATION SHEET, and put it in your Troop notebook  Use it to prepare/pack for the trip.
  3. Print out this PARENT PERMISSION FORM, have your parents sign it, and bring it to the Troop Meeting with payment on Jan 14th.
  4. Read and follow the rest of the information links below, and check out the interactive maps below too!  BE PREPARED!
  5. More Information - Use these links below to find out more about the Canaveral National Seashore, including maps and information:
  6. Printout the CAMPOUT AGENDA, and bring to the campout.

FISHING LICENSES (for those 16 or older) - If you are 16 or older, and want to fish, you will need a saltwater license.  If you fish from shore, it is free, if you want to fish from the canoe, it costs $17 for an annual license.  You can get these from Walmart or HERE.


Use the following to Pack Yourself using these 3 things below.   When you’re done, if you are a new scout, have your parents check you:
  1. Personal Camping Gear List in your Scout Book
  2. Information Sheet printed above
  3. Your own personal List you already have  (if you don’t have one, start one)

So, here are some additional packing suggestions/requirements that are not in the Scout Book or Information Sheet, but we discussed at the Troop Meeting:

  •           Whistle (required to wear while canoeing)
  •           Make everything water proof – Put stuff in Zip-locks and/or put the whole thing in garbage bags.
  •           Sports Gear for the Beach
  •           Those who are using hammocks, you may be okay this time of year without netting, but if you have it, bring it.
  •          If you like fishing, you want to prepare for that.  
  •           Entertainment for the ride.   Bring a book, magazine, read your scout book for the 1 ½ hour trip.