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2013-07-13 Camp Daniel Boone

posted Jun 13, 2013, 5:14 PM by Dan Walton   [ updated Jun 16, 2017, 3:04 PM ]
July 13th - 20th, 2013

Camp Daniel Boone is Troop 337's out of state summer camp choice for 2013.   

Scout Questions? - If Scouts have any questions about Summer Camp, they should contact the SPL for camp, Jason Walton at:

Parent Questions?  -  If parents have any questions about Summer Camp, they may contact our Summer Camp Coordinator, Tonya Cherry at:

Scouts, please do the following in preparation for Summer Camp:  
  1. Print the Information Sheet, read it, and put it in  your Troop Notebook
  2. Print the Permission Form, have your parents fill it out, and turn it in on the due date.
  3.  Print the Daniel Boone Packing List and put it in your Troop Notebook – Pack yourself for the Trip.
  4.  Read Merit Badge Prerequisites -  Look in the 2013 Leader’s guide and find your merit badge.  See if there are any prerequisites or any additional fees that you have not already paid for through the Troop.  Note: Some badges, you may not finish until you get home, which is fine, but if they say there's something you need to do before starting class, that's a "prerequisite", and you need to do it.
  5. Explore the Camp Daniel Boone Information for Daniel Boone (below), read everything, go to all of the links, watch the videos, etc. At the bottom of this page.
Note: To save as a PDF for printing, right click over link and choose "Save As".    If you just click, your browser may bring these up on a web page instead of as a PDF.  If it does, hover your mouse near the bottom and use the print icon to print it, otherwise your browser will cut things off.

When you arrive for departure, you should be packed as follows:
  1. Two Tubs (or one foot locker)  filled with everything on the list on the previous page with the exception of the items below:  Note:  You should secure your lids with tape or twine, and pack enough for the return trip.
  2. Folding Camp Chair  & Extra Tub if desired for end table (must fit w/n other tub – 1 per tent)
  3. Bedding in a Duffel Bag or thick trash bag (if you have room to spare in your tubs, use it).  This would include sleeping bag, pillow, sheets.
  4. Bus Bag – Filled with items on the Bus Bag list on the previous page.  Don’t forget your travel money!  Note: You may wish to use the “Day Pack” that you will use at camp and plan on re-packing once at camp.

    Two Tubs .vs. One Foot Locker
    Items listed in #1 above, must be carried in either two tubs or one foot locker.   Duffel bags lead to dis-organization on a long summer camp, and back packs have no place to hang.  Suit cases aren't well suited for being in an outside tent and typically do not hold as much as the tubs or foot locker.    Anything  you use must be under 18" (cot height with no sagging).   Here are the differences between the foot locker .vs. the two tubs options:
    • Two Tubs - 116 Quarts (58 each) - $10.93 for both at WalMart - SEE HERE (they sell individually at store)
      • Easier to organize in 2 containers
      • Lids come off without pulling out from under cot
      • Allows tent mates to access tubs simultaneously
    • One Foot Locker - 98 Quarts - $19.97 at WalMart - SEE HERE (they sell individually at store)
      • More robust (for future use)
      • Lockable (although we ask that they not be locked if possible)
      • Harder to organize and access under cot and with tent mates

    Mosquito Netting - THIS IS OPTIONAL
    Bring twine to hang them up in your tent. They are sold at may places including:
    • Sports Authority - They have in stock (June 14)  - These are tall ones that will fit - $15 SEE HERE
    • Scout Shop - Currently, they only have the smaller one in stock which is shorter and a few inches shy on the length (but will work in a pinch)  - $14  SEE HERE or you can order the larger one for $17 SEE HERE , which is the same as Sports Authorities.
    • Cocoa Army/Navy Surplus - They have plenty ranging from $19-$27 for simple cot up to military grade which stop noseeums too (which aren't bad at LaNoChe). SEE WEBSITE HERE.  Just make sure they fit the Length and Width of the cot.
    • Note: LaNoChe Cots are 78"long x 26" wide  (18" off the ground), so, get a net that will fit that (or close)
    Camp Daniel Boone Information
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