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Troop Mobilization!

posted Aug 15, 2014, 7:21 AM by Dan Walton
Friday, August 15th, 2014

Mrs. Meehan, the Mayor of Melbourne has contacted our Troop to ask for our help in fending off Zombies who began attacking Melbournites early this morning.

Tonight, all Scouts of Troop 337 are asked to mobilize by reporting to Faith Fellowship Church at 6:00pm tonight.

Melbourne has put their faith in us to protect them... let's not let them down.   Here's what each Scout needs to do:


  1. Download, read, and bring with you the Troop 337 Mobilization Plan.  (look at the bottom of the page for a download link)
  2. Bring the following personal items with you:
    • Class-B Uniform
    • Non Scout T-Shirt (required)
    • Flash Light (for spotting zombies)
    • Pocket Knife (you know what for)
    • Work Gloves (to prevent spreading of the virus)
    • Water Bottle with water in it.
    • Eye Protection (required)
    • The Troop Mobilization Plan printed out.
  3. Prepare your AIRSOFT EQUIPMENT - If you have Airsoft equipment, bring it.  We need it to fend off Zombies.  Also, once we're done doing that, we might have time to enjoy a non-official Airsoft games together.   If you do not have Airsoft equipment, feel free to hang out, or you can go home (once we're safe).  There will be some guns to share around.  Equipment to bring:
    • Airsoft Guns and Pistols
    • Ammo
    • Eye Protection
    • Protective Clothing
    • Batteries CHARGED!    
  4. Arrive at 6:00pm, following instructions within the Troop 337 Mobilization Plan.
This is Troop 337's First Mobilization - Make Melbourne Proud!

Dan Walton,
Aug 15, 2014, 7:21 AM