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Pro Summer Camp Tip of the Day!

posted Jun 7, 2021, 7:27 AM by Dan Walton   [ updated Jun 11, 2021, 8:23 AM ]

Here are your Daily Pro-Tips for James C. Justice Scout Camp at the Summit Bechtel Reserve!


It was pointed out that there was like 5 mentions of foot-wear in the packing list.   This was not intended to mean you need to pack 5 pairs of shoes, but rather be sure you have shoes to cover the needs.    

  • Hiking Shoes (required) – Scouts and Leaders are going to be walking miles every day.   You need some shoes that are good for hiking.   Since you won’t be climbing on boulders up mountains on rough terrain, boots might not be best (they restrict ankles & are more prone to causing blisters).    Yes, normal tennis shoes can work, but if you have a hiking shoe that has thicker tread, it’s much easier on the feet for long hiking daily.
  • Skate Shoes (optional) – If you are hoping to skate board, they suggest you have lightweight tennis shoes, as opposed to heavier hiking shoes.  If you are a skateboarder, you’ll know this already.
  • Rafting Shoes (required for 12 and older) – You need any kind of shoe that can get wet, has closed toes, and will hold on if you fall into the water.   Here’s suggestions with most suggested first:
    • Water Shoes (that fit snugly) – Walmart sells cheap and we use them on Troop Campouts while canoeing anyways.
    • Tennis Shoes (a separate pair because obviously they won’t dry)
    • Close-Toed Sandals or Close-Toed Crocks (these must strap on tightly or else they will be lost if they fall in)
  • Shower Shoes (required and does NOT have to be closed-toed since it’s for the shower) – To prevent athletes foot, you want to wear something in the shower.  Yes, this can be your rafting shoes.
  • Camp Shoes (optional but nice) – After miles of walking each day, feet will be sore.  Sometimes its nice to have a comfortable pair of closed-toed shoes, moccasins, etc. for hanging around camp at night.


Bags – Ignore the typo on the Packing List, but #1 and #2 (Car Bag & Overnight Gear) will stay with you in the Scoutpost Friday Night.   #3 Camp Gear will be Packed in the trailer, only to be see Sunday morning.

Bandannas – The camp requires masks when indoors.  Please bring a few (we gave camo gaiters at Boot Camp and Cool Colored Gaiters at the Survival Advancement Campout)

Buck Knives – West Virginial has a rule for minors – No Blades over 3 ½” long.   So a knife that opens to 7” total length may be okay, so long as the blade is 3 ½” or less.   New Scouts cannot use anything unless training until you have  earned the Totin Chit.



Fishing – There is s stocked huge lake at camp.   If you bring your own fishing gear, you can go anywhere around the lake.  If you borrow camp fishing gear, you can only go on the dock.  There is a fishing competition on Friday.   You can also fish on Saturday night on the way up and back (as time allows).   Just break any poles/tackle/bait separately.

Freezing – A few nights will be in the 50’s, to might want a ski cap for sleeping  (most heat comes out of your head).   Will Main’s trick is he brings a pad, sheet set & pillows in his Camping gear for the cot, but he brings a sleeping bag for the Overnight/Scoutpost and uses it as a blanket at camp (great idea Will)

Feasting – You highly discounted all-inclusive cost of Golden Corral on the way home Sunday is $8 for 12 and under, $15 for everyone else.  Please add that to your “WAY HOME” Money.


Home Prep:
  • Pre-Camp COVID Symptoms Forms (or vax proof) - Tonight, you must turn in your 5 day pre-camp symptom log.   We will fill out Saturday.   If you have proof of vaccination, that'll do.
  • Summit Text Notifications -  If you're bringing your cell phone, you can get text updates from camp throughout the week.   Just send a text to 810-10 that with the message @jscn13y .  Follow instructions and you're all set.   Later, to cancel, send @STOPALL to that #.
  • Prepare your Breakfast & Lunch - Mark the DRY part of your breakfasts & lunches and we'll throw them in a bin.   Put the COLD stuff in zip-locks and mark them too, we'll throw them in a cooler.
  • Masks - If you have proof of vaccination, you DO NOT have to wear a mask at camp anywhere but the Health Lodge, so bring a mask.   EVERYONE ELSE - Bring multiple masks, as you'll need them when inside.
  • Flashlight - Might you want a flashlight in your overnight gear?
  • Don't Forget - Just thought I'd remind you for the 1,000's time :)...   Bring your bathing suit with your overnight gear.
Money for Leatherworking! - I finally heard back from the camp, and they totally forgot to put down that there is a cost for the leatherworking kit.   Probably 2 kits at $5-$8 each.  Please send that in your camp money.  If you don't, I'll have the Troop spot you.

  • Meds Turn-in (Prescriptions or Non-Prescriptions)  - Parents must come in to turn in meds (prescription or non-prescription).  They must be in original bottles and have only what is needed.
  • Where to Load Stuff Tonight? - Put your set of CAMP GEAR outside by the trailer.   The rest, bring into the Scoutpost.