Veteran's Day Flag Ceremonies

posted Nov 9, 2011, 2:37 PM by CFCDan CFCWalton   [ updated Dec 4, 2011, 7:26 PM by Old Webmaster ]

This Friday is Veteran’s Day, a day to honor those who faithfully serve in

our armed forces.   These men and women sacrifice SO MUCH so that we can
live in a free country where we can do things like have a Scout Troop,
worship where you want, own your own property, and vote (to mention a few

Faith Fellowship Church has asked us to provide Flag Ceremonies at their

services this weekend in order to honor Veterans.   The PLC discussed it
and the answer was a unanimous “YES”! (good decision guys).

IT’S TIME FOR US TO SHOW OUR APPRECIATION!     Service to others is what

Troop 337 is all about!

We would like everyone to participate in as many ceremonies as

possible.  Here’s what you need:
  1. Wear Scout pants or shorts (pants preferred) or equivalent style.
  2. Make the rehearsal on Saturday (immediately follows Food Drive at Faith Fellowship) – SCOUT LUNCH PROVIDED
  3. You are invited, but not required to stay for the church service.

Here’s the Schedule for the Services:

Saturday Morning (following Food Drive) – Rehearsal at Faith Fellowship –

Scout Lunch Provided
Saturday Night – 6:00 pm service
5:30 pm – Final Practice - Hand out Bulletins
6:15 pm  - Flag Ceremony Ends (welcome to stay)
Sunday Morning #1 – 9:30 am service
 8:30 am – Final Practice – Hand out Bulletins
 9:15 am – Flag Ceremony Ends (welcome to stay)
Sunday Morning #2 – 10:45 am service 
10:15 am – Final Practice – Hand out Bulletins
11:00 am – Flag Ceremony Ends (welcome to stay)  

One suggestion would be to attend Flag Ceremony only on Saturday Night, and

then to attend both Flag Ceremonies and the 1st service in-between on

If you have your own church, I encourage you to consider attending this one

Sunday at Faith Fellowship, so that you can honor the Veterans with us.   If
you can’t get out of that, at a minimum, please participate in any/all that
you are able to.


CLICK HERE to let us know which services you can make.
Or if there is a reason you can’t make it, please indicate that as well.

Service Hours – YES, all of it (rehearsal included) counts as service hours.

*Another Very Important Reason to Participate* – The church will be

recognizing our Troop in front of the whole church.  They will be inviting
any of those interested in donating to help us get started to do so.  This
could be a HUGE help to our Troop because the church members are generous
and will likely want to give to help us.

Thank you in Advance for your Service