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New Scout Camper Primer

posted Jan 26, 2021, 10:28 AM by Dan Walton   [ updated Jan 26, 2021, 1:41 PM ]
Camping with the Troop is SUPER-EASY! 

Here's a couple of Q&A's to make it even easier:

The first thing to do is for you and an adult to GET INFORMATION.  About 2 weeks before the campout, and information page will be stood up on the Troop Website, and the Troop will be notified.  You need to follow the step-by-step instructions, which usually include:
  • Reading & Printing out the Campout Information Sheet - Put into your Troop Notebook
  • Using the Online Registration Form to register (and optionally pay) for the campout.  You need to do this WITH your parents.  Note: If you cannot attend due to a pre-existing direct conflict, you must use the registration form to let us know and give the reason.
  • Read everything out, and if there's anything else you should print out - do that.

Well, you (the scout) do, of course.   Packing is as simple as printing out a list, and checking things off as you pack them.  Since you're new to this, you can have an adult double-check for you, but you should do it yourself.  Many Cub Scouts have been packing themselves since they were in 2nd grade!

We have a handy-dandy Packing List that can be found Under the Scouts -> Documents & Links Page.   You can just download and print a PDF, or be really awesome and download the MsWord file to your device, so you can edit it and take away stuff you don't need and add other stuff. 

WHAT DO I USE TO PACK IN? - It depends on what campout type:
  • Regular Campouts  - A duffel bag of any sort will do. 
  • Hiking Campouts - If you're on a full-fledged hiking campout into the woods, carrying everything on your back, then you need a backpack.    Note: If you are just doing day-hikes on a regular campout, you don't need a backpack, just a day-pack (small backpack)
  • Canoeing Campouts - If you're on a full-fledged canoeing campout, carrying everything in the canoe, then you need either a dry-bag to pack in (preferred) or at least a thick well-sealed trash bag to put over your duffel bag.  Note: If you are just doing some canoeing on a regular campout, you don't need a dry bag.
  • Class-A On Departure - Unless otherwise noted, always wear Class-A (dress shirt uniform) on departure, with your Troop T-Shirt underneath.
  • Class-B For The Rest - During the rest of the trip, you wear your Class-B (Trop T-Shirt, Scout Pants or Shorts), Scout Socks or Black Socks, Earth-Toned close-toed shoes.
  • Changes of Clothing - Don't over pack.  If you bring a change of underwire and socks, and one additional scout T-shirt, that should be all that's needed.,
  • Bathing Suits - If it's a campout with swimming, you must bring either scout shorts that are good for swimming, or a scout swim suit (a scout-toned swim-suit will do in a pinch).  
  • Close-Toed Shoes - Open toed sandals are not allowed per BSA policy.
ANY HELPFUL PACKING HINTS?   Glad you asked.  Here's some helpful hints:
  • Pack Lightly - Don't bring stuff you don't need.  At the end of each trip, modify your packing list to take off stuff you didn't use, and to add stuff you may have needed.  Then next time, you'll do better.   NOTE:  The Packing List has Yellow Highlighted things that you MUST bring.  The rest is optional.
  • Leave Flashlights Out - If you bring a flashlight, carry it with you instead of packing, so you'll have it when we arrive at night.
  • Remember to Repack - If you take something out that you already packed (like a teddy bear), be sure to write down somewhere to re-pack it before you leave.
  • Often Forgotten - Don't forget camp chair, camp cup + water bottle, scout book (not troop notebook)
Unless otherwise noted, individual food or snacks is not allowed.   All food and snacks are by Patrol.  Here's the process:
  1. Menu & Shopping Lists Created - 2 weeks prior to a campout, the Patrol creates a menu and shopping list
  2. Grubmasters Assigned - Two grubmasters (shoppers) are assigned to do the Patrol shopping for the campout.
  3. Menu Reviewed - The Patrol Chief Cook enters the menu online (on the campout page) and let's the Patrol know so they can review in case something might be wrong/missed
  4. Shopping $ Distributed - 1 week prior to the campout, shopping $ is distributed to one of the 2 grubmasters (they sign for it)
  5. Grubmaster's Shop - During the week leading up to the campout, Grubmasters coordinate to meet at WalMart Marketplace (helps with cost) to shop.   Parents, can accompany, but the boys need to do the shopping (understood there is a learning curve).  There is a budget, leftover $ is returned to the Troop.
  6. Departure Food Loading - The Grubmasters meet early for departure to load their Patrol Cooler and Dry box.

  • Electronics for Travel Only (will be left in vehicle upon arrival at campground)
  • Appropriate video games and web-browsing are allowed.
  • Videos can be watched with pre-approval from Leader in vehicle only.
  • No Social Media - That includes calling, texting, snapchat, messaging, etc.  Note: If you need to talk to a parent, you have to work that out with the Scoutmaster
Just ask a leader if you have any other questions... we'll add it to this list!