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Lightfest Set-Up Service Day!

posted Oct 9, 2013, 11:39 AM by Dan Walton   [ updated Oct 10, 2013, 8:08 AM ]
Saturday, October 12th, 9am-5pm  (Friday and Sunday work available too!)

Come help set up thousands of light for this year's Lightfest!   At the lightfest (in December), our Troop will run it on two different days, sell popcorn and hot chocolate, and earn some much needed Troop Funds!

By helping, on this Setup Day, not only will you allow our Troop to get FULL commission when we work the light fest in December, but also, your service hours WILL count for Bright Futures!  For information on Lightfest in general, please visit

SATURDAY 9am-5pm (Supervised Work Day) - The Troop will supply adult supervisors on Saturday, October 12th.  Scouts may be dropped off if desired, but you must SIGN UP HERE.   Troop Adults and Siblings 14 and older are welcome, but need to sign up if going on Saturday as well.

FRIDAY & SUNDAY 9am-5pm - These are also work days, but there will NOT be any Troop Supervision, but there are rules...   You must be a Boy Scout 14 or older, and bring a buddy with you, or you must have a Parent stay with you (and work).  There is no sign up required for these days, just show up, check into the main pavilion (near the stables), so the Troop will get credit for your work (thank you)

  • WHAT WILL WE BE DOING?  - Setting up everything!   Setting up Light Displays, putting bulbs in them (bulbing), running wires, etc.
  • HOW LONG SHOULD I WORK?  - You can work as short or as long as you'd like, but on Saturday, we'd prefer you stay within shifts, or at least start at the shift time.
  • WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? - Scouts wear a Class B Uniform (regular full uniform with a Troop T Shirt)
  • WHO IS ALLOWED TO HELP?  - Any Scout in our Troop, or Parent, or Sibling (so long as they are 14 or older).  Any of these folks helping will give our Troop Service Hour credit.  No non-scout friends, or siblings under 14 please.
  • CAN PARENTS WORK ANY TIME WITHOUT SCOUTS?  Yes!  And so long as you check-in and sign in your hours, the Troop will get credit.  Friday-Saturday 9-5!
  • CAN SCOUTS BE DROPPED OFF?  Yes, so long as they signed up, and are coming on Saturday. 
  • CAN I GET SERVICE HOURS FOR THIS?  - Yes and No.  You may get the District Executive On Site to sign off Full Bright Futures Hours for you, as a Community Service Project.    As far as Service Hours for rank, no, since this is a Troop Fundraiser.

BE PREPARED CHECK LIST - This is your check list to be ready for the event.
  1. If you are going on Saturday, sign up HERE.   (No need to sign up Friday or Sunday)
  2. Bring a Water Bottle, and Hat/Sunscreen.  They will have water coolers, but no cups.
  3. Scouts Wear your Class-B Uniform.
  4. On Arrival, you MUST sign in at the main tent, located near the Stables.
  5. On Arrival, find the Troop Adult In Charge (bring the phone number on the sign up sheet).  Backup is Dan Walton 693-2807