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Lightfest Service Project SIGN UP

posted Dec 18, 2013, 1:44 PM by Dan Walton
Friday & Saturday, Dec 20th & 22nd


Merry Christmas Scouts & Families,

We need Scouts, Older Siblings, and Parent helpers to sign up for Friday and/or Sunday night helping at the Lightfest.  This will help us to plan, and to be sure we have the right amount of coverage.  SIGN UP HERE (thank you).

This Friday, we have some FUN WORK, as we are manning the trailer-pull (hayride).  We'll be:
  • Collecting $
  • Running our OWN Concession! (hot chocolate & popcorn)
  • Loading folks on/off Trailers
  • Riding on Trailers to keep people safe!
  • Running our Concession Stand (we keep proceeds!)
  • Helping Santa, Mrs. Clause, and an Elf at the Hayride Entrance!
Here are the details:
  • Arrive at 5:15pm at Wickham Park on Leisure Way, where the senior center is.  Call 693-2807if you're lost.
  • Wear Class-A uniform, Keep Warm!, and wear fun hats and stuff on top as desired!
  • Pick Up at 10pm
  • We are serving the community by providing this fun Family Activity!
  • Our Troop gets part of the proceeds PLUS we get all of our Concession Sales
  • IT IS FUN!  There will be TONS of people going to the hayride, and we're in charge of it!
Which Night? - We'd like to see all scouts participate.   We probably don't need the whole Troop on both nights.  When you look at the SIGN UP SHEET, you will see there are more spaces on the Sunday Night, 'cause we have to spread out around the whole park that night.  Use the sign up sheet as a gage on which night is better to sign up.  But feel free to do BOTH, I am!

Special Parent Help Request - We have a professional Santa, Mrs. Clause, and Elf coming help us at the Hayride loading area.   I will be bringing sheets to lay on the ground in an area and a chair for Santa.   I need a parent who will setup some decorations of some sort in that area to make it look nice... you know, a Santa area.  Call me and I can give you details if you're interested in helping pull it together!

Thank you -- Mr. Walton