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Scoutpost Workday BBQ

posted Nov 27, 2021, 5:35 PM by Dan Walton   [ updated Nov 28, 2021, 8:58 AM ]

Saturday, December 4th - 9am-3pm

All Scouts & Families are invited to come to our Scoutpost work day, and enjoy a Free Delicious BBQ Lunch!

Lunch will be served from 12-1 and will include a variety of BBQ and sides, cooked by the Scoutmaster.

Even if you can't come the whole time, please come out and help as much as you are able!

Bring gloves, and any tools you think may help.

PLEASE RSVP HERE (so that we can plan jobs & lunch)

Below is a list of some of the jobs, take a look before you sign up:

 Type Job Description Photo
 Cleaning Facility Clean all tile floors in facility.   Clean bathrooms & kitchens.  Clean glass doors
Cleaning AC VentRemove & Clean the AC Vent
 Cleaning Fence Yard Cleanup the fence yard area behind the smaller shipping container
 Grounds Work Fire Pit Clean and re-oil grating, remove weeds and ashes.  Glue back broken bricks. 
 Grounds WorkPavilion Remove the weeds from the pavilion floor, then rake & re-pack 
 Grounds Work Stump Removal Cut Up Removed Trunk & Logs for disposal - Chain Saw Needed 
 Grounds Work Brush Removal Remove a few Brazilian Pepper Tree Branches - Lobbers or Chain Saw Needed 
 Grounds Work Parking Blocks Remove old parking blocks and rearrange - Heavier lifting required 
 Grounds Work Weed Spray Load Backpack Sprayer & Spray key locations in grounds 
 Repairs Shipping Container Roof Repair the leaking roof on the shipping container 
 Repairs Trailer Stands Purchase 2 Trailer Stands and replace onto 2 Trailers (Troop will reimburse) 
 Repairs Door Closer Purchase a door closer and replace onto solid metal door. (Troop will reimburse) 
 Repairs Soffit Purchase matching soffitting and replace several ones with holes in them.  (Troop will reimburse)         
 Repairs Wall Board Purchase materials and Repair Wall Board (Troop will reimburse) 

Pro Summer Camp Tip of the Day!

posted Jun 7, 2021, 7:27 AM by Dan Walton   [ updated Jun 11, 2021, 8:23 AM ]

Here are your Daily Pro-Tips for James C. Justice Scout Camp at the Summit Bechtel Reserve!


It was pointed out that there was like 5 mentions of foot-wear in the packing list.   This was not intended to mean you need to pack 5 pairs of shoes, but rather be sure you have shoes to cover the needs.    

  • Hiking Shoes (required) – Scouts and Leaders are going to be walking miles every day.   You need some shoes that are good for hiking.   Since you won’t be climbing on boulders up mountains on rough terrain, boots might not be best (they restrict ankles & are more prone to causing blisters).    Yes, normal tennis shoes can work, but if you have a hiking shoe that has thicker tread, it’s much easier on the feet for long hiking daily.
  • Skate Shoes (optional) – If you are hoping to skate board, they suggest you have lightweight tennis shoes, as opposed to heavier hiking shoes.  If you are a skateboarder, you’ll know this already.
  • Rafting Shoes (required for 12 and older) – You need any kind of shoe that can get wet, has closed toes, and will hold on if you fall into the water.   Here’s suggestions with most suggested first:
    • Water Shoes (that fit snugly) – Walmart sells cheap and we use them on Troop Campouts while canoeing anyways.
    • Tennis Shoes (a separate pair because obviously they won’t dry)
    • Close-Toed Sandals or Close-Toed Crocks (these must strap on tightly or else they will be lost if they fall in)
  • Shower Shoes (required and does NOT have to be closed-toed since it’s for the shower) – To prevent athletes foot, you want to wear something in the shower.  Yes, this can be your rafting shoes.
  • Camp Shoes (optional but nice) – After miles of walking each day, feet will be sore.  Sometimes its nice to have a comfortable pair of closed-toed shoes, moccasins, etc. for hanging around camp at night.


Bags – Ignore the typo on the Packing List, but #1 and #2 (Car Bag & Overnight Gear) will stay with you in the Scoutpost Friday Night.   #3 Camp Gear will be Packed in the trailer, only to be see Sunday morning.

Bandannas – The camp requires masks when indoors.  Please bring a few (we gave camo gaiters at Boot Camp and Cool Colored Gaiters at the Survival Advancement Campout)

Buck Knives – West Virginial has a rule for minors – No Blades over 3 ½” long.   So a knife that opens to 7” total length may be okay, so long as the blade is 3 ½” or less.   New Scouts cannot use anything unless training until you have  earned the Totin Chit.



Fishing – There is s stocked huge lake at camp.   If you bring your own fishing gear, you can go anywhere around the lake.  If you borrow camp fishing gear, you can only go on the dock.  There is a fishing competition on Friday.   You can also fish on Saturday night on the way up and back (as time allows).   Just break any poles/tackle/bait separately.

Freezing – A few nights will be in the 50’s, to might want a ski cap for sleeping  (most heat comes out of your head).   Will Main’s trick is he brings a pad, sheet set & pillows in his Camping gear for the cot, but he brings a sleeping bag for the Overnight/Scoutpost and uses it as a blanket at camp (great idea Will)

Feasting – You highly discounted all-inclusive cost of Golden Corral on the way home Sunday is $8 for 12 and under, $15 for everyone else.  Please add that to your “WAY HOME” Money.


Home Prep:
  • Pre-Camp COVID Symptoms Forms (or vax proof) - Tonight, you must turn in your 5 day pre-camp symptom log.   We will fill out Saturday.   If you have proof of vaccination, that'll do.
  • Summit Text Notifications -  If you're bringing your cell phone, you can get text updates from camp throughout the week.   Just send a text to 810-10 that with the message @jscn13y .  Follow instructions and you're all set.   Later, to cancel, send @STOPALL to that #.
  • Prepare your Breakfast & Lunch - Mark the DRY part of your breakfasts & lunches and we'll throw them in a bin.   Put the COLD stuff in zip-locks and mark them too, we'll throw them in a cooler.
  • Masks - If you have proof of vaccination, you DO NOT have to wear a mask at camp anywhere but the Health Lodge, so bring a mask.   EVERYONE ELSE - Bring multiple masks, as you'll need them when inside.
  • Flashlight - Might you want a flashlight in your overnight gear?
  • Don't Forget - Just thought I'd remind you for the 1,000's time :)...   Bring your bathing suit with your overnight gear.
Money for Leatherworking! - I finally heard back from the camp, and they totally forgot to put down that there is a cost for the leatherworking kit.   Probably 2 kits at $5-$8 each.  Please send that in your camp money.  If you don't, I'll have the Troop spot you.

  • Meds Turn-in (Prescriptions or Non-Prescriptions)  - Parents must come in to turn in meds (prescription or non-prescription).  They must be in original bottles and have only what is needed.
  • Where to Load Stuff Tonight? - Put your set of CAMP GEAR outside by the trailer.   The rest, bring into the Scoutpost. 

Pro Hiking Tips of the Day

posted Mar 9, 2021, 2:44 PM by Dan Walton   [ updated Mar 11, 2021, 8:21 PM ]

Look Below for Pro Hiking Tips of the Day!

Are you ready for the Hike?  Take to PREP TEST HERE!



Every little bit counts:

  • Instead of a full-sized towel – bring a hand towel or rag (if you even need it)
  • If you don’t have a hiking pillow, just bring a pillow case (you can stuff it with clothes)
  • If it’s not going to rain on your trip – leave the raingear out.  This includes the built-in backpack rain cover you can remove
  • If your sleeping bag is heavy, bright a light blanket & sheet
  • Smaller Everything – If you bring Mosquito repellent, sunscreen, soap, bring small bottles/quantities.
  • Don’t bring a full change of clothes – bring extra socks and a shirt
  • Don’t use heavy bags, use zip-locks (plus they’re water proof)

Get your backpack weight between 10% and 30% of your Body Weight


  • Keep things Close to your Back – If you attach anything heavy to the back of your backpack, it will constantly pull back on you and cause your abdomen muscles to tire out.  
  • Heavier things Higher – When you load heavy things down low, it too pulls on your back.  Better to load those higher.
  • Center – When you load water in your side holders, load evenly, so that you don’t constantly pull to one side.
  • NO DANGLING ITEMS – Dangling items will irritate you and your fellow scouts, as well as waste energy
  • Keep Hiking Things Accessible – Keep things like water, snacks, chair (or plastic), knife, compass, flashlight where you or a buddy can easily get to them.
  • Organize – Use your side pouches and back pouches for smaller items to organize.  Inside your main bag, use zip-locks to organize


  1. Put on your Shoulder Straps
  2. Have a buddy lift up your backpack so there’s no pressure on your shoulder straps (or use a tree or stump, or hike it up yourself and lean over to hold it in place)
  3. Suck in your gut
  4. Put on your waist belt (and tighten if needed) 


You will burn a LOT of calories when backpacking, and need to be ready to eat

  • Prepare to Cook – Each trip has it’s own cooking needs.  For this one, you just need your FOIL REFLECTOR OVEN for making Pizza Bread,  and a METAL MESS KIT to cook eggs, hash browns & bacon for breakfast (or a lightweight pan).
  • Bring a Cup – Bring a lightweight drinking cup.  That way you can use drink powder (troop has) to mix with water in your cup to make a refreshing drink.
  • Bring a Rag – Super handy is a small rag, bandanna, or dish towel.   Good for a napkin, and for helping to rinse/wipe your mess kit when done.
  • Bring Utensils – Don’t forget eating utensils.  You need them to both eat and cook your food
  • What about my lightweight Plastic Mess Kit? – You are welcome to bring it on this trip, but you still need a metal mess kit (or lightweight pan) for cooking over the fire.
  • Bring a Trash Bag – This can be a small trash bag or grocery bag.  You need something for leftover trash from the troop dinner & breakfast.  Everyone needs to hike out.


Having trail Snacks is not a requirement, but it can help you maintain energy, and it’s fun!

  • Not Too Salty – Super salty snacks will make you super thirsty, and make you drink too much.  For instance crackers, pretzels, or a bag of salty chips aren’t the best choices.
  • Moderation – You don’t want to fill your belly while hiking.  That makes you slow & hot.  Don’t make a meal out of it.
  • Ideas – Jerky, Healthy Bars, Nuts, Apples, Oranges
  • Avoid Chocolate – In Florida, things melt, including M&M’s and Chocolate chips.  Avoid these in trail mix if possible.



When go gotta go, you gotta go!

  • Wipes are your Special Friend – T.P. is Awesome, but with no sink and running water, wipes are your friend!  You don’t need the whole pack, just put a few in a small zip-lock.
  • Troop Has a Spade – The Troop has a spade you can use for digging a “Cat Hole”
  • Troop Has Extra T.P. – Don’t pack a whole roll, you can also just use wipes, or a travel pack of Kleenex.


We are on the Trail for only about 26 hours.   If you Go before you Go, you may not have to Go on the Go!


New Scout Camper Primer

posted Jan 26, 2021, 10:28 AM by Dan Walton   [ updated Jan 26, 2021, 1:41 PM ]

Camping with the Troop is SUPER-EASY! 

Here's a couple of Q&A's to make it even easier:

The first thing to do is for you and an adult to GET INFORMATION.  About 2 weeks before the campout, and information page will be stood up on the Troop Website, and the Troop will be notified.  You need to follow the step-by-step instructions, which usually include:
  • Reading & Printing out the Campout Information Sheet - Put into your Troop Notebook
  • Using the Online Registration Form to register (and optionally pay) for the campout.  You need to do this WITH your parents.  Note: If you cannot attend due to a pre-existing direct conflict, you must use the registration form to let us know and give the reason.
  • Read everything out, and if there's anything else you should print out - do that.

Well, you (the scout) do, of course.   Packing is as simple as printing out a list, and checking things off as you pack them.  Since you're new to this, you can have an adult double-check for you, but you should do it yourself.  Many Cub Scouts have been packing themselves since they were in 2nd grade!

We have a handy-dandy Packing List that can be found Under the Scouts -> Documents & Links Page.   You can just download and print a PDF, or be really awesome and download the MsWord file to your device, so you can edit it and take away stuff you don't need and add other stuff. 

WHAT DO I USE TO PACK IN? - It depends on what campout type:
  • Regular Campouts  - A duffel bag of any sort will do. 
  • Hiking Campouts - If you're on a full-fledged hiking campout into the woods, carrying everything on your back, then you need a backpack.    Note: If you are just doing day-hikes on a regular campout, you don't need a backpack, just a day-pack (small backpack)
  • Canoeing Campouts - If you're on a full-fledged canoeing campout, carrying everything in the canoe, then you need either a dry-bag to pack in (preferred) or at least a thick well-sealed trash bag to put over your duffel bag.  Note: If you are just doing some canoeing on a regular campout, you don't need a dry bag.
  • Class-A On Departure - Unless otherwise noted, always wear Class-A (dress shirt uniform) on departure, with your Troop T-Shirt underneath.
  • Class-B For The Rest - During the rest of the trip, you wear your Class-B (Trop T-Shirt, Scout Pants or Shorts), Scout Socks or Black Socks, Earth-Toned close-toed shoes.
  • Changes of Clothing - Don't over pack.  If you bring a change of underwire and socks, and one additional scout T-shirt, that should be all that's needed.,
  • Bathing Suits - If it's a campout with swimming, you must bring either scout shorts that are good for swimming, or a scout swim suit (a scout-toned swim-suit will do in a pinch).  
  • Close-Toed Shoes - Open toed sandals are not allowed per BSA policy.
ANY HELPFUL PACKING HINTS?   Glad you asked.  Here's some helpful hints:
  • Pack Lightly - Don't bring stuff you don't need.  At the end of each trip, modify your packing list to take off stuff you didn't use, and to add stuff you may have needed.  Then next time, you'll do better.   NOTE:  The Packing List has Yellow Highlighted things that you MUST bring.  The rest is optional.
  • Leave Flashlights Out - If you bring a flashlight, carry it with you instead of packing, so you'll have it when we arrive at night.
  • Remember to Repack - If you take something out that you already packed (like a teddy bear), be sure to write down somewhere to re-pack it before you leave.
  • Often Forgotten - Don't forget camp chair, camp cup + water bottle, scout book (not troop notebook)
Unless otherwise noted, individual food or snacks is not allowed.   All food and snacks are by Patrol.  Here's the process:
  1. Menu & Shopping Lists Created - 2 weeks prior to a campout, the Patrol creates a menu and shopping list
  2. Grubmasters Assigned - Two grubmasters (shoppers) are assigned to do the Patrol shopping for the campout.
  3. Menu Reviewed - The Patrol Chief Cook enters the menu online (on the campout page) and let's the Patrol know so they can review in case something might be wrong/missed
  4. Shopping $ Distributed - 1 week prior to the campout, shopping $ is distributed to one of the 2 grubmasters (they sign for it)
  5. Grubmaster's Shop - During the week leading up to the campout, Grubmasters coordinate to meet at WalMart Marketplace (helps with cost) to shop.   Parents, can accompany, but the boys need to do the shopping (understood there is a learning curve).  There is a budget, leftover $ is returned to the Troop.
  6. Departure Food Loading - The Grubmasters meet early for departure to load their Patrol Cooler and Dry box.

  • Electronics for Travel Only (will be left in vehicle upon arrival at campground)
  • Appropriate video games and web-browsing are allowed.
  • Videos can be watched with pre-approval from Leader in vehicle only.
  • No Social Media - That includes calling, texting, snapchat, messaging, etc.  Note: If you need to talk to a parent, you have to work that out with the Scoutmaster
Just ask a leader if you have any other questions... we'll add it to this list!

New Scout Crossover Primer!

posted Jan 20, 2021, 3:01 PM by Dan Walton   [ updated Jan 21, 2021, 12:23 PM ]


Here's some information to help there be a smooth transition into Troop 337!

All of this information can be found IN DETAIL in the Troop Program Guide, which was printed and added to your Troop Notebook.  Every scout/parent is asked to read it in detail.  Below is a summary of some of the information in the Troop Program Guide for quick reference:

  • Date - We have about 3 meetings/month.  Every Monday, but NOT right after campouts.  Also NOT on most School Holidays.
  • Time - The specific times will be on the agenda, but generally:
    • 6:00 - Setup - Scouts who want to help Setup or who are assigned to do so
    • 6:15 - Gathering Game / Fun
    • 6:30 - Meeting Opening
    • 8:00 - Meeting Dismissal & Cleanup
    • 8:10 - Parent Pickup
  • Calendar - You will find a Troop Calendar on the website.  You there are instructions on how to add the calendar to your device as well!
  • Print Agenda - The Senior Patrol Leader will send out an Agenda by email each week by Thursday night.   Scouts should print the agenda, put it in their Troop Notebook, and bring it to the meeting.  (shhh... there is often a secret word in the agenda or email, if you find it... and don't tell anyone else... you might land a small prize)
  • Wear - Scouts must wear a Class-A uniform:
    • Dress Shirt
    • Scout/Troop T-Shirt
    • Scout shorts or pants
    • Scout socks or black socks  
    • Earth-toned Close-toed Shoes (no bright tennis shoes)
  • Bring - Scouts should bring the following:
    • Troop Notebook with Pen (and Printed Agenda in it) - Bring to meetings, NOT campouts.
    • Scout Handbook - May be purchased HERE
  • Attendance - Scouts are expected to attend all Troop meetings (we keep them short, and only have 3 per month average).   These meetings are for teams to plan campouts, not being there messes it up.   If you can't make it, and have a direct pre-existing conflict, you are asked to email the Scoutmaster (  and the Senior Patrol Leader ( with the reason.
Campouts are the focus of the Troop.  Our 3 meeting per month are centered around preparing for the campout (and having fun of course).  Here's some info about campouts:
  • How Often?  We have a campout all months but not during the summer (since we have summer camp).  We shoot for having it at the end of the month.
  • How Long? Typically campouts go from after School on Friday until Sunday early afternoon.  But the can vary.
  • Cost - The cost of the campout depends on many factors, but is the actual cost - LESS what the Troop kicks in (and the Troop always kicks in).  Costs consist of:
    • Food - Generally adds up to ($2 Friday Snacks, $3.50 breakfasts, $4.50 lunches, $6.50 dinners)
    • Camping Fees (depends on location)
    • Gas (depends on location)
    • Supplies/Insurance/Tolls/Consumables - Troop Covers
    • (again the troop always kicks in)
  • Campout Information Page - With each campout, a campout information Page will be put up on the website.   All scouts and parents are asked to thoroughly explore this website.  The scout is to print out what is noted to be printed out, and put in their notebook.
  • Registration/Permission - Parents and Scouts are asked to sit together to register using the online form.
  • Payment -  The online form to pay with credit card, debit card, or paypal.  or, you can send in a check payable to "Troop 337" and earmarked "Campout".
  • Medication - ALL medication (even non-prescription) must be noted in the registration form.   On the day of departure, medication is turned in to the adult leader in charge.  Medications (both prescription and non-prescriptions) must be in original bottles.  No baggies are allowed.
  • Phones - Phones are allowed travelling to/from the campout location but cannot be brought out of the vehicle.  If a boy needs to call home, he can ask the leader.  Here are the restrictions on phone use.
    • Appropriate Games & Music Only
    • No Movies unless pre-approved by leader in vehicle
    • No Social Connecting at all - No texting, messaging, instagram, snapchat, etc.  Even to home.  If you need to connect with home, ask a leader
  • Packing - Boys are asked to Pack themselves.  Since they are new and young, parents should verify they brought everything in the packing list.  The packing list is in their notebook, but an electronic one can be found under Scouts->Documents and Links - HERE, and will also be supplied on the Campout Page.  We suggest downloading the MsWord version and editing it yourself.
  • Tents / Hammocks - On most campouts, we will be using only Troop Tents (no personal tents).  This keeps our campsite uniform, allows all boys to know how to raise/take-down the Troop tents together (and be inspected), and allows boys to sleep in groups for added safety.    Individual hammocks are allowed, the boys will hammock near each other.   On hiking Trips and some remote campouts, individual tents will be allowed.
  • Departure / Arrival - Departure and pickup times will be clearly listed on the Campout Information Sheet.   Scouts must not be late or the whole group is delayed, same with pickup.   Scouts will always call 1 hour prior to parent pickup time to confirm we are on-time (or early/late).
  • Attendance - Just like campouts, scouts are expected to attend unless there's a direct pre-existing conflict.  Just like with meetings both Scoutmaster and SPL must be notified if not attending, with reason.

Monthly dues are $15/month.  This includes the Summer Months.   Dues are used for:
  • Troop T-Shirts - $15->$20
  • BSA Registration (we pay out) - $127->$150
  • Advancements
  • Courts of Honor
  • Meeting Expenses
  • Campout Consumables & Supplies (paper towels, charcoal, propane, patrol box equipment, etc)
  • Trailer/Van Expenses
  • Facility Expenses
  • Supplementing Campouts and paying for other Activities throughout the year.

In reality, dues do NOT cover the expenses.  This trick is pulled off by having Troop Fundraisers.

When to Pay - You may pay ahead, but we ask that at least by the first troop meeting of each month.

How to Pay - To pay, go to the Troop Website Home, and click on the "Click Here for Monthly Dues Payments" link in Red at top.  Fill out the form, and you can pay 1 month or multiple months using Credit Card, Bank Card, or Paypal.  You can also send in a check made payable to "Troop 337" and marked as "Dues for John Doe".  It can be handed to a leader. 

The main form of Troop communication is via email.  Here are some of the email lists:
  • - Scouts & Parents
  • - Parents Only - NOT MODERATED
  • - Individual Patrol Email Lists - Scouts & Parents - NOT MODERATED
Be careful, because the parent and patrol email lists are not moderated, which means if you do a reply/all it goes out to the whole group (which is a bummer).

If you need an email added or removed, send an email to the Scoutmaster or

SCOUTS - Are REQURED to have their own email address.   If you don't have one, we suggest getting a gmail.   All communication from adult leaders to scouts will have parents or leader CC'd.  If you want to set up your scouts gmail to forward you all messages in/out, that is very easy to do.

Phone Voicemails & Texts - We have a voicemail & text service as well, but don't use it very often.  Normally for last minute important reminders or changes.  If you want to get on/off phone lists, contact the scoutmaster.

Achievements for advancements are not done by group, they are self-paced.  Here's some tips:
  • Read - Scouts are expected to read all of the pages in the book relating to their achievements.  To find the pages relating to an advancement, look at the Heading Section which contains the achievement.  Then, turn your book sideways and you'll see index tabs where you can find the section.  Read the whole section.
  • Practice - At home learn/practice the achievement.  Be Prepared (scout motto)
  • Sign-Off - Come into the meeting and ask the Senior Patrol Leader or his Staff about sign-off.  They may re-direct you to an adult leader, or may be able to work with you themselves.  Depends on the achievement.  No sign-off can take place at home with parents, unless the scoutmaster specifically writes it in your book and talks to you about it.
  • Need Help? - Not all achievements can be done at home.  If you need help with one, ask your Patrol Leader.   Or, if they're not sure, you can ask the Scoutmaster.
  • What Order? - You can work on any achievement for any Rank at any time, and get it signed off.  However you must earn one rank before being issued the next.
  • Scoutmaster Conferences - When you're done with all achievements (but the last 3), ask the Scoutmaster for a conference, and he'll meet with you to sign off the others.
  • Board of Review - Once the Scoutmaster has signed you off, you go before a Board of Review (2-3 adults who review your work, give and get feedback, etc.).  The scoutmaster will assist in scheduling.
  • Merit Badges - See Program Guide for details, and go to our Merit Badge Page.

There are two types of leadership positions Troop (serving the whole troop) or Patrol (serving the patrol).  As a new scout, you likely will not take on a Troop Leadership Position, but you can ask the Senior Patrol leader if you're interested in a position.  HERE is a list of Troop and Patrol Positions with details.  Here is a summary:
  • Troop;
    • Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) - The leader of the whole Troop
    • Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL) - Assists the SPL
    • Scribe - Takes Notes and Does communication / paperwork for the Senior Staff
    • Quartermaster - Tends to Troop Equipment
    • Librarian - Tends to Merit Badge Books and Troop Notebook Information
    • Historian - Takes Photos and Posts them to the Troop
    • Troop Guide - Helps the younger Scouts
    • Troop Instructor - Troop Teacher
    • Chaplain's Aid - Helps the adult Chaplain do Sunday "Scouts Own" Services and lead prayers
    • Webmaster - Keeps up the Troop Website
  • Patrol
    • Patrol Leader (PL) - Responsible for Patrol meetings/organization/leading
    • Assistant Patrol Leader (PL) - Assists the PL
    • Patrol Scribe - Keeps notes and helps communication of the Patrol
    • Chief Cook - Oversees menus and assignments of Grubmasters

All of our adult leaders are long-time good friends of long-term leadership, and are well-vetted, and trusted.   Every leaders has been trained and tested in a (very long) youth protection training, and has agreed to follow the BSA youth protection policies.   Please see our Meet the Leaders Page to see who our leaders are, what they do, and to see their contact information.


One of the main purposes of scouting is to develop skilled, capable, independent, responsible young men of good character.   Part of this process is to allow scouts to do things themselves, and to learn from their small/safe mistakes.   Parents are asked to help this process by:
  • Encourage Scouts to Read their communication from the Troop & fellow Scouts, but don't do it for them.
  • Let Scouts pack themselves (if young, verify after they pack).
  • Encourage self-paced advancement, but don't hound them, and allow them so succeed themselves.
  • Generally, try to not do things for them, but encourage and guide lightly

Again... everyone is asked to read in-detail the  Troop Program Guide, which was printed and added to your Troop Notebook.  

2020 Year Planning Poll

posted Jun 22, 2020, 5:17 PM by Dan Walton   [ updated Jun 22, 2020, 5:18 PM ]

Scouts & Leaders, please take the 2020 Year Planning Poll so the Senior Patrol can plan an exciting year!

Note:  Only "Vote" on things you know about or care about.  Otherwise leave the sliders where they are.

Parents - If you have ideas, talk to your scout.  If he doesn't want to add it to his poll (or comments), then email us directly!

Backyard BBQ Fundraiser

posted Jan 27, 2020, 12:26 PM by Dan Walton   [ updated Jan 28, 2020, 8:24 AM ]

Saturday, February 22nd, 2020

WHAT IS THE FUNDRAISER - This is the 4th annual Backyard BBQ at East Florida State College.  However, they asked OUR TROOP to sell burgers, dogs, etc.  We get full profit!

WHO CAN VOLUNTEER - Scouts, Parents and Scout-Aged siblings of Troop 337 can volunteer.

WHERE DO THE PROCEEDS GO? - To the SCOUT ACCOUNT! To be used for summer camp, or any other Troop related expense for the individual scout!   It will be split up by how many family hours were worked.

WHO IS RUNNING THIS FOR THE TROOP? - Mrs. Rima Andrews has graciously volunteered to head this up for us.  She can be reached at 446-7308 (text or call), or emailed at:

Note: All Scouts need to RSVP.   Each family member attending should fill out a form as well.

Scouting for Food - Pickup

posted Nov 5, 2019, 8:07 AM by Dan Walton

Saturday, November 9th, 2019 - 9am at McGrath Field

Each year, Scouts all across America have what is the worlds largest single-day food drive called "Scouting for Food"!  The food collected on this drive will provide food for the needy in our community throughout the year through the Second Harvest Food Bank.  This is your chance to be part of something REALLY BIG that is "HELPING OTHER PEOPLE" as we pledge in our Scout Oath.

There are two parts of the food drive:  

1. Door Hanger Drop-off - We Already Did This!

2. Food Pickup (this Saturday) - Troop & Pack families drive around, looking for bags, picking them up. We put them all in the flat-bed trailer.  Then, those who want can go to the distribution site to deliver the goods!

Who:          Boy Scout Families
Date & Time:  Saturday, November 9th, at 9am Sharp for group meeting
Location:     McGrath Field (info) - 1975 Stewart Road(map)- DO NOT MEET AT SCOUTPOST!
Attire:       Scouts wear Class-A Uniforms 
              Wear walking shoes.
Notes:        We'll meet at McGrath, assign areas, 
              and send families out with maps & water bottles.
              At the end, if desired, go to the drop-off station 
              nearby to help unload and see!!!

If we have enough help, we can do it in about 1 1/2 hours!

American Muscle Car Museum

posted Sep 11, 2019, 6:18 AM by Dan Walton

Here's the scoop on the Muscle Car Museum:

  • Everyone Meet at the Scoutpost at 9:15am this Saturday
  • Scouts & Leaders - Class-A Uniform. Others wear Troop Shirt if you have it, otherwise Street Clothes
  • We'll use the van and also carpool to the event.
  • We'll check-in at 9:30am, and the event starts at 10am
  • Pizza Lunch Provided. If pizza doesn't work, bring a bagged lunch
  • Scouts get a ride in a Porsche around a track if desired
  • Event ends at 2:00pm, arriving at the Scoutpost about 2:15pm
  • NO COST! - But I'd guess they have concessions & stuff to by there if desired.

Here's the list of attendees we expect to see, who are registered.

  • Jacob McCreary & Family Member
  • Nathan & Dan McMillan
  • Aeden Snyder & Parent
  • Vincent Pulcini & Parent
  • Zach & Pete Meyers
  • Dyllan Shankles
  • Matthew Walton & Family Member
  • Rylan Andrews & Parent
  • Maddox Jurgensen & Parent(s)
  • Michael Fares & Parent

IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND, please let me know right away, they are sold out and I'd like to release your slot. Otherwise we expect to see you.

If anyone is NOT ON THE LIST?, but wants to go, we have a few slots open, just contact

2019 Troop Registration is Open!

posted Sep 1, 2019, 2:26 PM by Dan Walton

Returning and New Scout Registration is Now Open:

NEW SCOUTS - Go to our Joining Information Page


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